Sewing is good for my soul…

Sewing is good for my soul…

“I’m Angharad, a 40 something Cardiff Mum to one 4 year old boy and wife to a Black Country lad.

A Visual Merchandiser by day and when I have any spare time – I sew! The fact is, I’m addicted to sewing but didn’t realise this until Osian (the 4 year old) came along and I stopped…completely. I didn’t have the time to finish any of the projects I started, and they piled up…high! And not sewing, I realised was making me sad.

‘Making’ took me away from the everyday, to my own space, to do my own thing – I needed it for my own wellbeing! So, being the ‘problem solving person’ that I am, I had to find something that I could sew, in my now tiny ‘windows of opportunity’ and the answer came to me…knickers! Of course!! So obvious right?! Small, not much fabric needed and easy to whip up – hmmm not quite! There was the swearing, the flinging across the sewing room and the ‘never again’ but eventually, with much persistence, it clicked! And now I just can’t stop!!

But I decided to add another passion to this project..VINTAGE! I LOVE vintage!! and I thought that using old, vintage headscarves would be fun (actually read ‘challenging’!) and an excuse to rummage around the charity shops and vintage fairs – win – win! All those silky soft fabrics and amazing patterns – perfect!

This is how my sewing project; ‘Adventures with Doris’ came about – my adventure, making knickers whilst listening to Doris Day (there may also be some singing involved!), it makes me happy, I forget everything else and I now sell them online on my Folksy shop. I’m also preparing to open a pop up shop! A moment of madness maybe or just a new part of the adventure? Who knows, but let’s go with it, it’ll be fun and it makes me happy!”

By Angharad Cole, Adventures With Doris.





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