TOP TEN TIPS ON FLYING WITH THE KIDS (as in on an aeroplane!)

TOP TEN TIPS ON FLYING WITH THE KIDS (as in on an aeroplane!)

It’s almost the end of term and many of you will be preparing for foreign adventures ….if you’re flying away this holiday season, fasten your seat-belts and read this list of top ten tips on how to fly with kids…it’s by a real flight attendant, Kay Jones who lives near Swansea, so please pay attention!!

  1. Get yourself to a Pound shop and buy a load of toys , books , colouring books , sticker books etc . Wrap them up and every half hour in the flight give them a gift to open. This will keep them amused for hours
  2. Take lots of snacks (naughty and healthy)
  3. Take a full change of clothes in a Ziploc bag for each child and maybe Mummy too!!
  4. Take wet wipes (lots of them)
  5. A few carrier bags to pop all your rubbish in
  6. Get your Scamps to run around A LOT before the flight (wear them out as much as is humanly possible)
  7. Lollipops are great to suck for take-off and landing (helps with tender young ears)
  8. Go to the loo once you’ve boarded as sometimes taxiing along to the run way can literally take hours!!
  9. If you have a baby pop some little socks on their hands ~ those aircraft floors are minging
  10. Best tip ever – DO NOT FLY LONG HAUL BETWEEN THE AGES OF 1-3 Years

Happy holiday!

By Kay Jones.

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