Self – Tan Review

Self-Tan review

Whilst I am no self-tan expert I do have ‘history’ with it. I have history with real tan too- which is a rare thing today but it is that knowledge and experience that I think gives me a bit of an edge. Basically what we all want from a bottle of ‘safe’ tan is to look like we have spent a fair amount of time developing a ‘real’ tan, and I’ve done that. I reckon we all love that feeling of pleasure that a bronze glow can give you.  For me a tan is something akin to magically going from a slightly pale dumpling into a gleaming svelte deity. I used to have a t-shirt that said ‘She who dies with the best tan wins’.  Sure its unpopular today and I accept that sun tan is damage but heck, this was 80’s America and tan was the thing. I still love a tan but I older (definitely) and wiser (maybe) but I certainly vain enough to still like the way a tan can make me feel about myself.

Fake tan didn’t really re-enter my world until St Tropez. I fell for it hook line and sinker. The first tan with a green base rather than orange therefore practically guaranteeing a natural golden glow. Thank you very much, I’ll have a case. Well it didn’t work for me, it still looked a very unnatural shade of marmalade. **** I will note here for reference that I have a medium skin tone, I used to have loads of freckles but that have turned to age spots ☹ and lots of moles ☹ ☹( please, don’t be jealous) I have dark auburn hair ( although I have coloured my hair for so long I really have no idea) and when I naturally tan I tend to get a redder tan rather than a dark deep brown so that is the type of colour that I tend to gravitate to in a fake tan product.

Here is a rundown of the other brands that I have tried since with varying levels of success- *** I have to point out that some of the formulations may have changed since  I tried them and that my opinion is based on how they worked on me at the time.

Vita Liberta- found it a faff and not worth the cost really.

Fake bake- didn’t really suit my skin tone

Garnier – this was actually OK but I’m too lazy for an every day kind of commitment

Dove as above

Bondi Sands- just not for me and I’m shallow enough to not like the packaging. It matters to me.

Loreal sublime- I liked this but found that it washed off irregularly and had an orange tint

Famous Dave- a bit of a dark horse, not really all that well known but a red headed friend from Ireland looked AMAZING and SOOOO NATURALLY brown that I had to ask. This was her one and only turn to brand. I tried it but it just isn’t that easy to get a hold of- especially if you are like me and just decide one day that you must be brown that day, or by tomorrow at the latest.

++++++ My teenage daughter swears by St Moritz, a not too expensive brand that she feels really works for her despite trying (stealing) my more expensive brands.

So what is my favourite? None of the above, what I will turn to if I need an immediate wash off or a gradual 5 hour developer for my body is SKINNY TAN. It is the proverbial dog’s bollocks.

It would be far easier for me to list the things that I don’t like about Skinny Tan than what I do, there is just so much TO like. The packaging is fabulous, I love the colours and design and the smell is to die for. What don’t I like? Well that it doesn’t apply itself I guess. That’s about it. It goes on so easily and the coverage and colour are just fabulous.

Generally speaking I use it once a week, I have a good old exfoliate either with the in-shower scrub or the handy mitt that you can purchase separately or in one of their bundles. I then use the special application mitt (which is waterproof on the inside so NO tell-tale orange palms) to effortlessly apply the cream. It is slightly tinted so that you can see where you have applied it and absorbs quickly so none of that faffing about waiting to get dressed / hoping no one comes in and catches you fanning yourself madly trying to get the blasted stuff dry.

That’s it, five or so hours later and hey presto, golden goddess. It really does last a week too, just as they promise. The oil is slightly different and lasts about 3 days but if you are looking for a luxurious and moisturising product, especially good for us um, older ladies then it’s perfect.

So, there we have it, Skinny Tan can do no wrong in my eyes. No, I am not receiving any sort of back hander (although I am happy to please MS. Skinny Tan CEO) , I am just so over the moon to find a product that makes me feel great about myself ( ok, slightly less bad but not a depressing yellow colour and that helps).

By Ashleigh Edwards, Mam Cymru.

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