Dad of the Month – July 2017

Our Dad of the month for July 2017 is……Stephen Davies!

We here at Mam Cymru HQ are all about celebrating Mums and the tremendous job they do but let’s be honest, Dads are pretty great too. Its because of this that we want to give them a shout out as well, celebrate those Dads that really go the extra mile, who are great role models to our children- or just give amazing bear hugs.

Now we’ve all known or heard about some pretty fabulous Dads in our times, but the Dad that we have chosen to be our very first Dad of the Month is to us, something extra special – and we think you’ll agree.

This Dad was brought to our attention via an article in BBC and countless other outlets. He and his story are everywhere – and deservingly so.

Read his fully story and watch the video of Stephen’s work on the BBC’s website.

Our hearts leapt at such selflessness and generosity. So often it seems we go for days with nothing but sadness and worry.  Our news feeds have been filled with stories of hate, fear, selfishness and distrust, but then a story comes along that is so uplifting and positive that we are all reminded that yes, there is undeniably good in the world.

Image copyright: Gareth Everett /Huw Evans Agency

Stephen Davies is a married father of three living in south Wales. It’s from Stephen’s shed, and his own pocket , that he fulfils  the dreams and hopes of children who for whatever reasons require then use of prosthetics. Stephen does this completely out of the goodness of his heart. He doesn’t ask for help or attention, he simply does what he can to make other’s lives better. Isn’t that amazing?

I think that you will all agree that Stephen is indeed a star of a Dad and definitely worthy of our very first Mam Cymru Dad of the Month award.

By Ashleigh Edwards, Mam Cymru.

*Who will be our Dad of the month in August? We need YOU to decide! Send us your suggestions to

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