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Mam Reviews…..Tafwyl 2017!

Making the decision to go anywhere with a young child and all the necessary excess baggage, is not an easy decision.

You almost have to promise that the place or event you are attending, is the best place ever, so that you can tell yourself at the end of the day, that it was all worth it!

There was no need to worry about attending Tafwyl in Cardiff at the beginning of July. This was my first visit to this fantastic festival, which has gone from strength to strength since it first started at the Mochyn Du pub over ten years ago. And here I am, attending for the first time, with my 21 month old son, Meredydd.

Of course, all experienced Mums would tell you to take a basket full of food – sandwiches, crisps, fruit, drinks, biscuits, water… but I didn’t have the time to prepare everything, only enough time to fill up the car and fill up my wallet before I left! During the journey down the M4 from Carmarthen to Cardiff I was hoping (quietly to myself) that my son would sleep, so that he had enough energy to enjoy the rest of the day at Llandaf fields.

The festival organisers urged festival goers to make use of the public transport, but this wasn’t a realistic option for me with Meredydd and his chair, so the first challenge when I arrived Llandaf, was to find somewhere to park. I then had to ask for further directions to the Festival as I couldn’t find any signs to direct me.

Once I was on the field, the loud music and colourful banners drew me in. I had to queue to get in to the festival as security guards were searching all bags, I needed to get used to queuing as I had to do this later on in order to get food, drinks, ice creams…The atmosphere was lovely, with children running around and plenty for them to do between the attractions and the Urdd, and the nursery for the younger children – it was brilliant to see how the local Menter Iaith had worked with their partners.

The glorious sunshine was the star of the day – it was wonderful, which meant that there were people everywhere on the field, and the only downside was trying to push Meredydd’s chair between all these bodies! There was a variety of live music, and plenty of stalls to visit. I did swear to myself when I had to queue for food – it’s hard to queue for long periods of time with a toddler by your side, and I had to pay £6 for my food – and the same for his!

It was a brilliant day, I look forward to returning next year – with a large basket full of food!

By Heledd Ap Gwynfor

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