Top 5 tips for decorating your nursery or child’s room.

My name is Reena Simon, I am a 34-year-old stay at home Mum with three little ladies aged 5, 2 and 1 and I am an Interiors blogger. We bought our first house in 2012 whilst I was on maternity leave with our little lady. I had never spent so much time at home and it was then that I realised how important personal surroundings and spaces are. So, I set about making our house a warm and cosy “family” home and somewhere that I felt I could spend a lot of time in. We bought a doer upper and last year when the renovation work was completed I started documenting on Instagram our journey on creating a beautiful home but on a budget. I will be launching a blog very soon so watch this space. My blog is for families who appreciate good design and want to create a stylish but affordable home.

Here’s my top 5 tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

1. Go neutral

Children grow up so quickly and they change their minds constantly on their likes and dislikes and babies grow up in the blink of an eye. I can’t tell you how many times in just the past month that my eldest’s favorite film has gone from Moana to Frozen to The Little Mermaid and then back to Moana, if I had gone out and bought themed bedding and bedroom decor each time, I would have spent an absolute fortune by now and would have one very unhappy lady!

You can always just pop up a poster of their latest craze in a cheap photo frame from the supermarket which can be updated quickly and easily.

A restrained colour palette with no particular theme will always look super stylish and will grow with your child. I love a muted and soft colour palette. My little ladies share a bedroom and they of course wanted it pink which I agreed to as it’s important for them to have an input but i picked the shade of pink which is more important!

I am definitely not advocating no colour, I just prefer to add it in using accessories.

2. Clever storage/layout and space

The key to successful children’s bedroom design is clever storage. My top tip for decorating kids bedrooms is to maximise storage and to keep things simple. Make storage practical, accessible and easy to use, so that you and your child have a place where everything goes. If you have the luxury of space then try to keep storage to the outer edges of the room so that children have a designated place to play. Plenty of floor space allows for freedom to move, play and imagine.

A bookcase also works really well for storage as you can hide away practical things like nappies and wipes in nice looking wicker baskets. And you can keep all the toys and books that you would like out on show. This kind of look also brightens up a plain white colour scheme or gender-neutral nursery.

I love the ideas here of using wooden crates and a display cabinet to store things in but which is see through on the front. I don’t think hiding everything away in a child’s room is much fun, so concentrate more on buying nice vessels and things for storage.

If space is tight and you are working with a small bedroom, again go neutral with your colour scheme and don’t use too many materials as visually this will clutter a room and make it feel much smaller. Also wall mounting storage will make a room feel bigger, it’s all about being able to see under and around things that tricks the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it actually is.

3. Lighting

I treat lighting in my little ladies’ bedrooms the same as I treat lighting in every other room in my house which is that I like to invest in something unique or oversized and eye catching when you walk into the room.

Picture above is from my youngest’s nursery. I bought this origami paper light shade from This Modern Life.

Another top tip for decorating a child’s bedroom is to remember that soft lighting and fairy lights are not just for Christmas. Use them in your child’s room to create a dreamy atmosphere.
You can buy cable and cotton lighting in a range of colours online from Bodlon

4. Decor

The best way to bring your child’s room to life and give it bags of personality is the wall decor. This is where I am definitely in the camp of “the more the better. There are so many affordable options and ways of decorating your child’s room without too much effort and that will be easy to change over the years. My favourite options are, posters and wall decals which are removable stickers, very easy to apply and lots of designs to choose from. Here are a couple of my favourites:

My top tip is to use command strips and washi tape, they will soon become your best friends and it means you can easily change prints around.

I also love the idea of oversized hooks in the walls for little ones to hang things off from, hats, bags or wall hangings. And picture shelves are also great for displaying art, books or small toys/decorative accessories. Ikea sell the most affordable ones.

5. Think Ahead

You can decorate a room like this with slightly more nursery-like accessories to begin with and then up-style when your girl grows older. This can see your child through from baby, towards secondary school age – saving a fortune in decorating costs. I think the room below achieves this well and could grow with any child.

5 Quick and easy budget ways to revamp your child’s bedroom

1.Display their artwork using this kitchen wire from Ikea £10

2. Buy some cushions to go on their bed, you can pick up budget friendly and colourful ones from most places on the high street such as Matalan and Primark and the supermarket home sections from around £5.

3. Pick up an item to upcycle from Gumtree/eBay/local car boot sales
This is one of my favourite kids bedrooms, you could easily pick up an old vintage table or wardrobe and paint it. I also love vintage printer trays which you can pick up on eBay, I have just bought one for my little ladies shared bedroom to display some of their tiny toys.

4. Use Ikea spice racks for book storage to save money and the space that a book case would take up. They are £3 each.

5. Buy some colourful bunting or make your own for their bedroom. I also love this DIY letter bunting for £10 from: (Sara lives in Cardiff and has an online Scandinavian Homeware store).

By Reena Simon form @hygge_for_home

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