An Interview with a Smug Mother!

I must admit that I do share photos and stories about my life as a Mum to Elsi (who’s 5 this week…pass me the tissues!!) online, but I also share a lot of other updates about my life, not just my experiences as a Mum. There is one Mum I’ve been following for a while on Twitter; @mam_smyg who seems to have the perfect life and seems to be the best Mum on the planet…so I was keen to interview her to find out about the secret to this perfect life she leads!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet up with her in the Caernarfon area where she lives, or talk to her on the phone, as she’s so busy and so dedicated to being a Mum. Fortunately, she did agree to answer my questions on an e mail..

What’s your son’s full name and how old is he?

Llewelyn Rhys, he’s 78 weeks and 3 days old, and full of love.

Why are you so smug?!

I enjoy celebrating the unique and rewarding experience that is being a Mother to such a wonderful child.  By sharing my feelings, I hope I encourage other Mums to enjoy their children, and to always give them the very best of everything.

You obviously love being a Mum – Why?!

Nothing compares to the bond between a mother and her child.  The love I have for Llew overwhelms me every day.  Seeing what my body has achieved – from the pregnancy, to the birth, and then the breastfeeding fills me with pride.  I look forward every morning to another fun filled day with my little angel.  There is no better job!


You obviously love Llew – Is he really that perfect all the time?!

I’m a firm believer in routine and discipline and have been ever since Llew was born.  Children crave guidance and rules.  As a result of my consistency, I have no behavioural issues when it comes to my son.  Sleep patterns, what they eat and how much fresh air and exercise they receive are all essential to keep them happy and calm.  That and a bucket full of Mummy’s love of course!

Most of us look forward to the children’s bed time, but you seem to hate it?!

I hate saying goodbye for the night- I miss him so much!!  I’ve had to put a single bed in his room so I can stay close to him all night long.  Nothing makes me happier than listening to him breathing whilst fast asleep and dreaming.

Have you changed since becoming a Mum?

Without a shadow of a doubt.  Since Llew came into my life I have been nothing less than determined to give him my very best, every day.  Everything I do, I do it with his best interest at heart.  He deserves the best (and my best is pretty awesome!!).

What advice do you have for Mums who are having a bad day with the kids?

More often than not it’s the Mother’s mood that effects the mood of the household.  They can easily sense if you’re tired or angry.  Make sure that you always eat well, exercise and sleep enough- it makes a world of difference!! Push yourself- no excuses!!

Do you have any interests, apart from you son?

Loads. Baking, arts and crafts, running, reading, cooking, singing and composing, Christianity and knitting to name but a few!!

What would be your perfect day?

I’d get up a good hour before Llew so I could run 5k and prepare a healthy organic breakfast before he gets up!  An hour of arts and crafts after breakfast- making a card for a friend or relative perhaps.  We’d then go out to play until lunchtime.  We have loads of toys and learning through play activities and resources in the garden- Llew absolutely loves it!!  A well – deserved healthy lunch is devoured before Llew goes to sleep for a couple of hours.  This is when I love to lose myself in productive tasks around the house, and prepare dinner.  Once Llew’s up, we’d go swimming in the local leisure centre before wandering around shops buying local, fresh produce.  Home in time for tea, and then a couple of board games and a story or two for Llew to unwind before a long bath full of love and plenty of hugs!!

Mam Cymru would like to thank @mam_smyg for taking half an hour out of her ‘Perfect Mum’ routine, to answer our questions. Long may you continue to be the perfect Mum and long may you inspire and educate the rest of us!

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru

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