Create a summer hat for the children!

To fit age 4-10 ish

As I type this the heavy, rain laden Welsh sky makes me wonder If my reversible summer hat was the best DIY project to share with you. However, the promise of an indoor weekend could just be the perfect incentive to get your sewing machine out and make this sweet reversible number.

I designed this hat for one of my children sewing course. It was made by both a 4 and a 10 years old (and every age in between) in 3 hours. The envious look on the parents picking up children at the end of the session made me think a few of you might like to have a go making this hat for your little people. If you can thread a sewing machine and have some basic sewing skills you are good to go.

I hope you will enjoy the tutorial and get the hat pile growing! Questions are welcome, see my email below.

Material suggestions:
This hat is entirely reversible. I recommend having one side heavier than the other. It will help the hat to hold its shape.
For example denim, twill or canvas for the inside and a medium weight cotton for the outside.

Have fun using different prints for each slice or recycle your children outgrown clothes. Keep away from the stretchy one though!

Using the pattern:
Download the JPG pattern and print on A4 paper to exact size. Cut (paper scissors) around the outline and pin to your fabric to cut (fabric scissors!). You will be cutting 6 triangle for the outer hat and another 6 for the inner.

Fitting suggestion:
This is a one size fits all (not) pattern. It is drafted on the slightly looser side to allow adjustments for smaller heads.
For best fit, once one shell is completed get your child to try the hat on and pinch excess into the seam allowance if necessary. Make sure you transfer the adjustments to the other hat shell.

Camille runs a sewing school in west wales called Thimble Studios.
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