Heulwen’s Bootcamp Diary – Monday!

Sunday July 30th.


I’m exhausted, full of cold and I’m going on holiday in 11 days! OMG! I need to sort myself out and get rid of some of this excess baggage asap! How? Well, I’ve heard about Bridget James’s TGIF Bootcamp sessions in Aber and the next lot is starting tomorrow…at 06:30am! I’m going to contact her to see if I can sign up!


I’ve just contacted Bridget on Facebook, she seems really lovely, she’s a Mother of 2 and said that all her classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and I can take it easy as I’ve been ill. I’m doing it. I’ve never done anything like this before and since I started Mam Cymru alongside being a Mum and #juggling two jobs, I’ve had no time to exercise, unless lifting a glass of prosecco counts?! I’ve found and dusted off my trainers, my clothes and water bottle are ready. Alarm set for 05:30am.

Monday July 31st.


Didn’t need the alarm as I’ve been up most of the night, so many things going around and round in my head – blog, holidays, jobs, my bank card – which I lost yesterday! Colds don’t suit me! Anyway, I’m doing this! Eat half a pear and drive 18 miles to Aberystwyth for day 1 of the Bootcamp – 18 miles, now that’s dedication!!

I arrive and start to feel nervous! Shall I just drive back home? What if they are all super fit? Am I going to have another Bridget Jones moment (Like the time when I got stuck on the ski lift and got dragged up a mountain…remember that scene?!) …what the hell, I’m doing doing it!

As I approach the lycra ladies they all smile, they ARE nice and really welcoming and Bridget welcomes me and the other newbies! Hoorah it’s not just me! There’s 21 of us in total including a super fit Maltese tourist who spots us as she’s running on the prom and asks to join in! (Can’t see me doing that on my holiday!!)

Step 1 – Run along the prom towards the castle. Reminded me of my 10k race along these stones 18 months ago – why hadn’t I stuck at it? I was really fit back then! I guess it’s the time ‘thing’ again! The views along the coast were stunning, a perfect backdrop for a Bootcamp!

Step 2 – Warm ups in a circle – a great way to get to know each other and I could see from the outset that this was going to be fun as Bridget was making us all laugh! I was actually enjoying it…but this It was only the warm up!

Step 3 – Partner work – Oh no! Was this going to be the re make of the school sports lessons where I was always the last to be picked? (Being obese and 4ft didn’t help) No, today was good, we all partnered up quickly and started our sprint and burpees session – I hate burpees! The only good thing about burpees is seeing Joe Wicks (of Lean in 15 fame) on his all fours! Luckily there was an alternative option – Diolch Bridget!

Step 4 – Make use of the castle! We ran around the castle, up and down the steps. I was out of breath, but as Bridget said “Being out of breath is normal – you’re working hard” – Oh yes I was, well done me!

Step 5 – Some more sprints and high intensity training. Running up the castle steps was very difficult towards the end, I’m rather clumsy so I was convinced I’d fall or slip and have a black eye – not a good look for the holiday!

The end! Hoooray! I’d done it! I had managed to complete day 1 of 5 of the Bootcamp – I felt so good that I ran back to my car! I might regret that at 05:30 tomorrow!!!

Diolch Bridget, what a fun way to start a Monday morning, and as I write this now at 8pm, I’m feeling far more energised than I have been over the past few weeks and what’s more…my cold is a lot better and I’ve found my bank card – good day all round! Cross fingers I’ll sleep tonight as I have to go straight from the Bootcamp to the office tomorrow…(hopefully find a shower in between!) Cross fingers it goes as well tomorrow…but Bridget did mention tyres and mallets…

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru

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