Heulwen’s Bootcamp Diary – Tuesday!


Alarm! Today I needed it as I did sleep a bit better last night – must have been the exercise! Quick change in the dark, eat half a banana and back on the road and another 18-mile drive to the second day of my 5 day bootcamp with TGIF Bootcamps, Aberyswtyth.


Arrive 1 minute late thanks to a reeeeeally slow lorry! I could feel a slight burn in my legs as I walked briskly towards the other ‘Lycra ladies’ – oh well, no pain no loss!! There were a few new faces this morning, but all equally as friendly and Bridget was in the middle welcoming us all again with her warm smile and humour!

She explained that we were doing a circuit style workout today, which made me feel panicky as I’ve only ever done circuits once and it almost killed me!

Stage 1 – Warm up – Jogging, stretching and side stepping on the prom….in the rain, heavy rain! I hate exercising in the rain, but it was somehow quite refreshing at this time of the morning! (There’s no time for a shower when you get up at 05:30 am).

Stage 2 – Learn about the ‘ work stations’ – there were 11 different workouts to do today, and we were going to do each one twice, with our partners – this was a lot more ‘bootcampy’, like the ones I’ve seen on those weight loss programmes on TV (I am obsessed with these programmes!) – weights, sprints, squats and the difficult ones…army crawls, where you basically crawl along the wet sand using your elbows and knees, and then moving on to the ‘flipping a tractor tyre’ – this was very serious stuff!!

I enjoyed most of it (yes, I’m surprised too!); the sprinting, weights and skipping but everything on the wet sand was more challenging – especially the army crawl – I kept thinking that a crab was going to crawl out of the sand and attack me, and another thing, having my big bottom up in the air in Aberystwyth town centre, was quite embarrassing! At least there were 21 other bottoms doing the same thing! My partner Sarah kept me going through these two tough stations, diolch!

There was so much variety today and the time went really fast. I was a bit sad when Bridget said we’d finished for the day (but don’t tell her that as I don’t think my legs would appreciate more skipping!).

Fortunately, I managed to sneak into the leisure centre for a shower, otherwise I’d have been taking half the beach into the office this morning! (There was sand and stones everywhere!) It was really rewarding when Nerys, my colleague that I seemed really energised this morning! It’s amazing how exercise makes you feel full of life and after day 2 I really do feel a lot better, more like myself, less sluggish and less stressed. I seem to be able to deal with any challenges a lot easier! I discover this, on the same day that the news has been reporting about the fact that women don’t do enough exercise!

If this bootcamp continues like this, I think I’ll be floating around the Eisteddfod next week on a fluffy cloud of positivity…bring it on! Diolch Bridget and let’s hope for dry weather tomorrow morning!

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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