Heulwen’s Bootcamp Diary – Wednesday!


Hit the snooze button. Not as easy to get up today! Slept like a baby, best night’s sleep in ages (the benefits of Bootcamp!) but really don’t want to get up!


Have to get up! OMG! Mr weather man has NOT answered my prayers, it is seriously raining! Oh well, no pain no loss! Quick change in the dark, eat half a banana and another 18-mile drive to Aberystwyth for the 3rd of my 5 sessions with TGIF Bootcamps.


After arriving 1 minute late yesterday, I am now 10 minutes early! (No lorries in sight today), but now I’m looking at all that rain dancing on the prom and thinking that I’m probably going to end up ‘bum over breast’ (I opted for the subtle description) …I better not have a black eye or broken limbs before this holiday!


Meet Bridget and the Lycra ladies. There’s less ladies here today – (I don’t blame them for choosing the ‘snooze’ button), not only are we all aching a bit after yesterday’s circuit session but it’s really, really wet!

Bridget is as bubbly and inspiring as ever and tells us that were working on the Constitution Hill side of the prom today. (I hope to God she means at the bottom of the hill and we don’t actually have to climb it!)

Step 1 – Jogging on the prom, not as slippery as I thought! Bonus! Less chance of that black eye and plaster cast!

Step 2 – We’re told that we’re working the legs today and it’s going to be pretty full on! We start with the warm ups which involve running and stepping up onto the wall and then back down – sounds easy, it’s not! I can feel my legs crying! They have worked really hard this week already! (Think of that swimsuit I have to wear on my holiday…yes swimsuit, gone are the days of the bikinis after my sunroof delivery…not that I could really pull off that look before the C section to be honest!)

Step 3 – Steps. Run up the steps and down the hill. As I discovered on Monday, I’m not very good at running up steps, and wet steps are even harder! I could feel the burn! Even though it was hurting I wanted to push on as much as possible (I’m getting the ‘lingo’ from Bridget!) as I knew this is why I was here, and not tucked up in my cosy warm bed…oh my bed!…Focus Heulwen!

Step 4 – Feet Taps. (Not the Strictly version!). We basically have to step up and down on the curb as quickly as possible for 30 seconds then run around, over the low wall and back for another session. This got harder and harder, I enjoyed he running bit but I could feel my legs burning by the end of the circuit! Ouch!

Step 5 – OMG – We ARE going up Constitution Hill! For those of you who don’t know Aberystwyth, this is a steep hill that runs up from the prom. You can pay to go up on the tram in the daytime (so if people actually pay to go up a hill, you know it’s steep!) I’ve done that journey, but I’ve never walked or ran up it!

Fortunately, Bridget is a nice person! We’re not going all the way up, just to the second bench! Don’t know how high that is but I can tell you it was MORE than high enough for me!! We all ran up behind Bridget before finding out what we we’re going to be doing here!

For the next ten minutes, we were going to be running/ jogging/ walking up and down! In true Bridget style, ‘Women like ten minutes, don’t they?!’…This was a killer! The hardest exercise so far. I’m really nervous when it comes to running downhill, and even walking down hill on loose stones, I hate that feeling when you don’t feel safe on your feet and have nothing or no one to hold on to. (Ask Gareth my husband about getting me down Mynydd Moel after walking to the top of Cadair Idris! I thought I WAS going to die – Fortunately Gareth is VERY patient and is a volunteer with the Mountain Rescue, so I’m still alive!).

I actually enjoyed running up, well let me be honest, I ran halfway up every time, walked the rest, walked down until the flat bit and the ran again! Ten minutes was a LONG time coming! My heart was pumping and I was out of breath, but knew that this was all good for me! Bootcamps are supposed to kick your ‘butt’ and I think this was my butt being well and truly kicked (and the rest of me too!).

Step 6 – (Yes there was more!) Squat and pulse exercise – just to make my jelly legs wobble even more! We all had our ‘Going into labour’ faces (and sound effects) on and I don’t think I was the only one who’s legs were trembling.

The magic words ‘Were done, well done ladies you should be really proud of yourselves’ were very gratefully received by all of us today!

So, I’m over half way through the Bootcamp, feeling good again this evening and energised, despite the novelty of the 05:30am alarm wearing right off this morning! Unfortunately (ha! ha! ha!) I can’t make the morning class tomorrow due to family commitments (no, this is not a lie!!) which is a shame as it’s a recovery session tomorrow! (Typical!) As my punishment, I’m going to try to make it to the evening session – which is NOT a recovery session, it’s another full-on Bootcamp session! I’ll be making the most of my lie in then…cross fingers that Elsi won’t have any other ideas!!

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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