Heulwen’s Bootcamp Diary – Friday!

It’s day 5 and the final day of my 5-day Bootcamp with TGIF Bootcamps! It’s been a fun and challenging week but it’s reminded me that exercise seriously has so many benefits, it’s not just about losing weight or toning up, (although that is a bonus) it’s helped me sleep better and it’s made me feel so invigorated and energised!  I’m giving exercise a big fat high 5!


It’s a lunchtime session today and what’s more, we’re indoors (it’s been raining every day and we’ve been outdoors and now we’re indoors it’s sunny! Typical!) So, what’s in store for us Lycra ladies today?

Bridget’s got some fast paced music on the go and she tells us that ‘this grand finale is going to be fast and tough’….a combination of HIIT and core work! OMG – She is going to kill me!!

Step 1 – Warm up! This warm up is intense with high knees, squat jumps and jumping jacks – I’m already sweating and glugging my water!

Step 2 – To be honest it was all so fast today that it’s hard to remember the individual sequences! We had an exercise mat and we had to jump over it quickly from side to side and do some mountain climbers on the floor in between – ouch! My body was already shaking! We then had to do a combination of high knees as fast as we could, press ups and walking in a semi-circle on our hands, half sit ups, jumping jacks as fast as we could and then the plank! More high knees, X jumps (google it) and more core work on the floor.

It was a 45-minute session today, rather than the full hour like the rest of the classes I’ve done, but we worked a lot harder! I have honestly never wobbled or been shaken to this extent! My whole body was trembling! ‘Shaking is good, it means you’re working hard’ – Thanks Bridget!

We were all relieved when it was over! But then. one very keen Lycra lady asked Bridget for a few more exercises, as we had a couple of minutes spare! NO! WHY?! We had to do two one-minute side planks – I was shaking so much it was ridiculous!

I was glad to see the end of those two minutes! And with that, I’ve completed my first ever Bootcamp! Apart from feeling like jelly, I was really happy and proud of myself! I’m not naturally fit, if I can do this, anyone can and I can’t recommend Bridget’s classes enough, she didn’t shout, she was encouraging, supportive and very funny and her class was bilingual – she’s also a Mum of two, what’s not to like?!

As I put my kit in the washing machine (for the fourth time this week!) I felt rather sad that I won’t be going to class again tomorrow! I have already asked Bridget to let me know the dates for the September classes, and in the meantime, my trainers will not be back in the bottom of the wardrobe gathering dust – this new-found energy is addictive and I’m going to make time for regular exercise.

As a Mum, I know it’s difficult to find time for exercise, but I swear that getting up at 5:30 and driving my daily 36 miles round trip to get to this Bootcamp has all been worth it! I’m determined to continue, even if it’s a 20-minute HIIT session in the lounge before or after work or a run when Elsi’s in her after school swimming/ gymnastics class. Bring on the new me and I’m not going to feel guilty about it – (being in such a good mood and full of energy is beneficial for the whole family!)

Diolch Bridget and all the other lovely Mums and ladies I’ve met along the way – You are an inspiration and I’ll see you all soon!

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru *(who’s slightly more positive about wearing her swimsuit on holiday next week!)

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