Heulwen’s off to be Mum!

With just over a month since myself and Ashleigh launched Mam Cymru, I do feel guilty about clocking off and going for a family holiday, but d’you know what? I need it! We all need it, don’t we? What’s more, family time is more important than anything at the end of the day.
Mam Cymru has been in my head for over two years, I feel passionate about it and I’ve been living and breathing it for the past two months! It’s been fantastic, I’ve enjoyed every second, even getting up at 04:30 to translate articles before the school run and my ‘real’ work! The response we’ve had has been mind – blowing! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that over 12,000 unique visitors from all corners of the globe, would have discovered, never mind visited the blogzine in the first month and that Mums from across Wales and beyond were sending us articles from day 1! Mam Cymru has been an extremely exciting journey so far and this is just the beginning, myself and Ashleigh have lots of exciting plans and ideas up our sleeves, so watch this space!
As you may know, I’m juggling Mam Cymru alongside my work as Marketing Manager at Atebol and my freelance work as Marketing Manager and Buyer for Siop y Pethe, as well as writing my first book and being a Mum and wife! It’s been a crazy few months and I’m ready for a break – bad timing perhaps, but is there ever a good time to be off work?!
To give myself a proper break and to give my daughter and my husband my full attention, I’m having a digital detox too! I’m switching my mobile off and leaving this laptop at home. I run four Twitter and Facebook accounts and have four email accounts to handle, so if I don’t switch my phone off, I won’t switch off! When I’m on holiday, I’m on holiday!
Even though I’m not in the country, Mam Cymru will continue as Ashleigh is up to speed on how to upload articles and I’ve written and prepared lots of lovely content for Ashleigh to share with you while I’m away! There’s also lots of other lovely Mums who are working on articles for us too, so there will be plenty of good content to enjoy while I’m enjoying my camping adventure across Europe! Cross fingers Mabel the campervan makes it to all the campsites I’ve booked and we don’t end up back home within a few days on the back of an AA Recovery Truck!!
Have a brilliant summer! I’m off to make memories and I’ll share the highlights and dramas (hopefully not too many dramas) with you, when I return!
By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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