Juggling on the farm!

My name is Eirian Wyn, I’m 37 years old and a mother of three: Glesni who’s 10, Ceri who’s 8 and Aaron who’s 5. We live in Dinas Maddwy on my husband Aled’s, family farm.

I was raised on a farm and love farms, but I have another interest too: Art and design, which is something I’ve been interested in since I was very young as it offers the chance to be creative and escape into my own world – away from the sheep and lambs!

In 2007, when I was organising my wedding, I realised there was a lack of Welsh language invitations and wedding accessories, and so I embarked on establishing my own company – ‘Cardiau Eirian Wyn’. As opposed to farm wives in the olden days, the majority of young farm wives work nowadays, as well as helping run the farm and raise the children. It’s a bit of a juggling act!
The most difficult time for me is lambing. I roll up my sleeves and pull lambs and help as much as I can – and as such my card business must come third in the list, behind the children and the lambs! Luckily for me, my customers understand the situation and given that wedding cards and accessories is the busiest side of things for me, the fact that couples plan their weddings months in advance is a big help!
I consider myself very lucky that I have a company which allows me to work around the children and farm. A lot of people think that men are the ‘business heads’ and entrepreneurs on farms , but there are more and more farm wives establishing their own companies , especially when their children are young.

Having an online business is great for me, because I can step out of the studio to feed the sheep and then go back to designing before picking up the children! Life today is quite different from that of the traditional farm wife. I do not have a great deal of time to make jam and bake cakes, but I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to juggle the thing that I love with the all the goings on at the farmyard!

To learn more about the company go to the company’s new website: www.eirianwyn.co.uk

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