Bangor Mum thanks individuals who saved her daughter’s life

Why is a clinical psychologist for children with autism and learning disabilities, a mother of four, a County Councillor and a Welsh language ambassador raising money for the Meningitis Research Foundation? Because she wanted to thank those individuals that saved her 16 year old daughter’s life of the condition.

Elin Walker Jones from Bangor ran the Great North Run in Newcastle on Sunday (10 September 2017) to raise awareness of meningitis, a serious condition that affects young people. And her run coincides with Meningitis Awareness week, which begins on the 18 of September 2017.

The County Councillor that represents the residents of Glyder, Bangor on Gwynedd County Council explains;

We never ever considered that our healthy, happy daughter would be hit by this condition, but that’s exactly what happened to her, when she was 16 years old”.

“Thank goodness, Llio overcame the illness and made a full recovery, and she is now enjoying life at 23 years of age, working at Ysgol Pendalar in Caernarfon.

“So on Sunday I took the opportunity of running the Great North Run, a half marathon, to raise money for the Meningitis Research Foundation and to pay homage to staff and medical specialists at Ysbyty Gwynedd for saving my daughter’s life.

As our children are growing up and becoming young adults, plus as a Bangor Councillor where a large number of students start college courses and leave home for the first time, I was also keen to raise awareness of this serious condition.

“Meningitis is not just a condition that affects babies and children, it can attack young people too, and they need to be aware of the disease, look out for each other and seek medical help immediately, if they feel unwell. To begin with the symptoms can feel like flu. And the cruel reality is that individuals can die within hours, if they do not seek emergency medical treatment,”

One of the reasons why Elin decided to run in a half marathon, was because she started running as one of the main organisers of parkrun in Bangor. Bangor was the first parkrun location to be established in north Wales back in 2014 and the weekly activity around Penrhyn Castle is now a stable event in Bangor runners’ calendar.

Elin Walker Jones concludes; “As Meningitis Awareness Week begins from the 18th to the 24th of September, I hope everyone can remember that there is a real need to be vigilant around this cruel condition that strikes so suddenly,”

To support Elin’s case to raise funds for the Meningitis Research Foundation, she would be grateful to receive a small or large contributions through her justgiving page:

Thanks to Ffion Clywyd Edwards for sending us this article.

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