Surviving Baby’s First Swimming Lesson!

Cold showers! Screaming baby, cold tiled floors and wet clothes! Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’ve signed Ava up to swimming lessons! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad! I promise!

At the age of 7 months I decided that it would be beneficial for both Ava and I to attend baby swimming lessons, I had read that the earlier you introduce your baby to water and swimming techniques the better! So, I enrolled on a six -week course, and we were off. I had never taken Ava swimming on my own before and I was looking forward to a new bonding experience between the both of us, as well as meeting other mothers.

I had underestimated how it all worked!!!!! BIG TIME! The whole process of changing was a mind field, how do I change her and myself? where do I leave her so I can change? All of this, before we even stepped into the pool! I found my self mesmerised at how the other mothers coped. I learnt pretty quickly that I needed to come prepared! There was no room for error!

After losing ALL my dignity and sanity changing the both of us, it was time to go swimming. We were met by the loveliest smile, a woman that new exactly was she was doing, and as we took our first steps into the water, we both felt so relaxed, it was all worth it! We had the most amazing experiences and it was only the first lesson, I’m sure we smiled for most of the 25-minute session, I say most, because I did nearly drowned Ava at one point, I’m sure she is yet to forgive me!


1. Make sure both you and baby are wearing your costumes under your clothes before you go swimming (So much easier and you won’t lose your dignity like me!)

2. Take a changing mat (Not all pools have sufficient changing units)

3. Take plenty of towels and spare clothes

4. Remember your baby’s swimming nappy

5. Where loose clothing and something which is quick to change back to! (Baby sleep suit and joggers or leggings for you…and a top obviously!)

6. Take your car seat in, so you have somewhere to put the baby when you get changed

7. Take a bottle of milk to give them after the session (they will be hungry and tired)

8.Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Don’t let the challenges of getting in and out of the pool put you off! I promise you it is all worth it

By Lowri Sion

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