Super Smug Mother!

About 6 weeks ago we interviewed @mam_smyg about her ‘perfect’ life as a Mum, and now, as if her life wasn’t already complete, she’s pregnant and expecting her second child – she’s now super smug! In our latest interview, she discusses her plans for her ‘perfect’ family.

Congratulations! How are you feeling?

Myself, my husband Idris and little Llew Rhys are delighted with the exciting news!!  I just love being pregnant – knowing there’s a little person and a new life growing inside me.  My body and what it’s capable of, amazes me every single day!

What’s your due date?

March 15, 2018 and I can’t wait!

Is it difficult devote every single second to Llew now that you are expecting your second child?

Llew is now 83 weeks and 3 days old and he will never be ignored!!  He just loves to follow his baby brother/sister’s development on the app on my phone!!  He also caresses my tummy whilst saying “Love you more than life itself” over and over again bless him – my clever little soldier!!

You are obsessed with healthy eating but have you changed your diet since becoming pregnant?

I’m incredibly fit and healthy, so I haven’t changed much.  I might be eating a little bit more, and more often, and of course I’m avoiding all the incredibly dangerous foods, such as soft cheese.

Have you had any cravings?

I really think all this craving business is a myth.  It’s an excuse for women to eat whatever they like ‘because they’re pregnant’.  The cravings and desires are always there, it’s whether or not you’re strong enough to resist them.  Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is a way of life – something that never changes under any circumstances, including when pregnant.

Is it difficult to enjoy the second pregnancy as you have a busy toddler to look after?

Not at all – if anything, the fact that Llew is also a part of our journey this time, makes the whole experience even more special and amazing!  I’m such a busy, active person, not the type of lady to put her feet up eating loads of junk ‘because she’s pregnant’!!  So many women use being pregnant as an excuse to be lazy – and they moan so much!!  Get a grip ladies!!  Healthy mind, healthy body.  Be positive and grateful.

You seem to be the perfect Mum, what advice do you have for other pregnant ladies?

Enjoy every second of this truly amazing experience.  I love the app on my phone, it gives me daily information about the development of my foetus.  Be healthy and fit and take plenty of photos of your growing belly!  It’s such a miracle, my body is amazing!

It will be impossible to devote your whole life to Llew when this baby comes along, how will you and Llew cope with this big change in your life?

Llew isn’t one of those children who needs constant attention.  I’ve raised him to be an independent human being, I’ve done such a great job with him.  He loves to play with his toys by himself, experimenting with arts and crafts and so on.  He can also read quite a bit too, so there are plenty of ways for him to keep himself entertained!! I also know he’ll be such an amazing little helper – he’s going to absolutely love being a big brother!!

How are you preparing for the arrival of Llew’s little brother or sister?

We’re obviously very organised. We’ve stored all of Llew’s Organic baby clothes safely – plenty of gender neutral high – quality stuff!  Llew will move to a new room shortly, so the nursery will be ready for number two!

Have you treated yourself to some new maternity clothes?

There’s a shortage of fashionable clothes for a small lady like myself (size 6-8).  Maternity clothes tend to drown me!!  I tend to wear active wear most days anyway, and love wearing tight tops to show off my growing bump!

Have you stopped your strict exercise routine now?

No, I’m just adapting my routine somewhat.  The fact that I was so fit carried me through the labour with Llew – I could have kept going for another 24 hours!!  Having strength and stamina is key when raising kids – it makes you feel so good and makes life that much easier.

Have you created your birth plan yet?

Of course, and it’ll be 100% natural, without doubt!  I hate drugs.  If you listen to your body and follow your instincts confidently you should just sail through it.

Mam Cymru would like to thank Mam_Smyg for another interesting and inspiring interview, and we wish you the best of luck throughout your pregnancy…not that you need it! We look forward to catching up again soon.

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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