Mums, Dads & Children review books and toys by Rily Publications

Following the fantastic response and feedback to our recent article about new Welsh and bilingual books for children for Christmas 2017, Rily Publications from Caerphilly have asked Mam Cymru to review four books and toys for children aged 0 – 10 years old. We were more than happy to help, and as soon as we received the lovely parcel through the post, we asked young readers in Aberystwyth and Machynlleth and families at Cylch Ti a Fi in Rhydypennau to take a look and let us know what they thought. The results are in!

1 – Tudur y Tractor Gift Pack – £15.99 

This gift pack contains a large tractor shape soft toy and a board book which opens out like a concertina. It’s presented in a clear zip around bag.

Parents opinions…

“A lovely gift for babies and young children, The toy is lovely, so soft and colourful, it’s more than a toy too as it has cloth pages with pictures on the front of the tractor. I love the board book, my kids will love the fact that it opens out like a long concertina, it’s visually exciting for them. Another thing I love about the book is the mirror, kids love mirrors and it’s perfect for ‘tummy time” Elen.

“The book is lovely and my daughter Eos, who’s one and a half, loves board books like this, especially ones which contain animals, they inspire her to make animal noises which is hilarious! The design and layout of the book is brilliant, I like the fact that it has content on both sides of the book. The fact that the soft toy comes with the book is great. It’s a perfect gift for younger children”. Teilo.

“My daughter Heledd loves the toy and the book. I love the design and it’s a lovely gift – perfect for Christmas!” Bethan.

“Thomas is 7 months old and he loves the book, especially the bright colours and the mirror. It must be a hit as he hasn’t tried to eat it yet!” Sian.

“I really like this gift pack. The Christmas list is growing by the day!” Mared

2 Rhu: Fy Hoff Ddeinosor Cwtshlyd £9.99

A gift pack presented in a box which includes a board book and soft cuddly dinosaur teddy.

Parents opinions…

“Babies and younger children will love this cute and cuddly teddy toy – I love the way he cuddles his blanket, children will relate to him as many have their own favourite cuddle blanket. I love the way the toy and the story go together, and the fact that children can use the toy to re-enact the story. The toy is suitable for babies and young children and the book is suitable for older children 3+, because it has fine text, so it’s a gift pack that grows with the child. The book is beautifully designed and my children love books where the adult have to turn the book to read the story”. Elen

“This gift is presented in a lovely colourful box, which makes it a very desirable gift. I like the combination of the book with the toy. There’s quite a lot of text in the book, but my daughter Heledd loves it and really likes the artwork. I would certainly buy this as a gift” . Bethan

3 – Cant ac Un Dalmasiwn £6.99

Welsh adaptation of 101 Dalmations by Elin Meek.

‘Nain’ / Gran’s opinion?

“I love seeing Welsh adaptations of popular English stories. Gran’s and Granddad’s love to buy gifts which have a nostalgic element to them, they bring back memories. The story frightened my niece to begin with, Cruella DeVil is enough to frighten anyone after all, but as the story developed she was gripped and she was really happy to see the dogs had been rescued by the end. We loved the artwork too, it gives the old story a modern twist.” Jane.

Child’s Opinion?

“I remember the scary lady, I didn’t like her and didn’t like the way she was trying to catch the dogs to make a coat. I was really happy when the dogs escaped and it was funny when there were 101 little dogs at the end too. I loved the dogs on the Christmas tree, I want dogs on my tree this year!” Elin, 6 years old.

4 – Sherlock Holmes a Diflaniad y Diemwnt £6.99

An detective novel for older children about a stolen gem. Will the characters solve the mystery by the end of the book? The story has been illustrated with comic strips and newspaper reports.

Elan’s opinion?

“I really enjoyed this story as it’s interesting and contains several mysteries along the way. There were lots of funny bits and all the characters had their own unique personalities and I think the language was suitable for children aged 8 – 10. It’s a very exciting book, with lots of unexpected developments and a great ending. The illustrations wee brilliant too and the blurb on the back of the book made me want to open it and read it. I would like to read the other books in the series and I would definitely recommend it to my friends”.                          Elan Mari Mabbutt, 10 years old.

A big thank you to Rily for asking us to co-ordinate a review of their new products for Mam Cymru, and a big thank you also to all the lovely children and families who shared their opinions. I’m sure that many of these items will be travelling to homes throughout Wales with Father Christmas this year!

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By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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