Holiday with Mum?!

Would you like to go on a five-week holiday with your Mum? As in, just you and your Mum?! My Mum is a home bird, she lives in Tywyn and thinks that a 27 mile ‘trip’ to Aberystwyth is an adventure! I on the other hand, love travelling the world, exploring new cultures and languages and food, so my answer would simply be no, because my Mum wouldn’t want to go with me! But, I truly hope that my daughter Elsi, who’s now 5 years old, will follow in the footsteps of Ffion Rees, a young girl from Llandeilo, who’s just returned home after a road trip to Australia and Singapore with her Mum, Elin Rhys!

Having seen Ffion’s amazing photos on Facebook, I was both jealous and excited about the fact that this young girl was having such an amazing adventure in Australia with her Mum! They travelled from Sydney to Melbourne and Singapore, and ticked off many of the things on my own bucket list! I was really keen to interview Ffion about why she decided to fly to the other side of the world with her Mum…and ask how many times they fell out during the 5 -week trip!

Ffion, you are young and love travelling, but why fly to the other side of the world with your Mum rather than with our friends?!

This wasn’t my first trip to Australia, I was there last year visiting a friend – and I found out at the time that my Mum was very jealous! Unknown to me, Australia was at the top of her bucket list, so when she said that she was hoping to visit this year, and tie it in with her friend’s wedding in Perth, I was really happy when she asked me to go with her!

Is this your first holiday together?

As a family of three, we’ve travelled together to many places in the past, but recently it hasn’t been possible to go on holiday with Mum and Dad, so I’ve been on holiday with them separately, but this is the first time I’ve been on a 5- week holiday with Mum!

Who organised the trip?

I did, as I’ve been before and I knew what Mum would like, and what she wouldn’t like! I gave my plan of action to Helen at the travel agents in Swansea and she booked it all for us. The only part I didn’t plan was Perth, as we were going there for Mum’s friend’s wedding, I left that bit to her. I stayed in hostels last time, but hotels and apartments and a bit more luxury are up Mum’s street. I wasn’t complaining!

Who’s the most organised?

Me. Without a doubt! I lost count how many times Mum lost her glasses, passport, phone…

How would you describe your relationship with your Mum before…and after the trip?!

We have a great relationship, and it’s even better and stronger after the holiday. We’re more open with each other and pull each other’s leg a lot now too!

Did you fall out during the holiday?!

Amazingly, we didn’t fall out at all! There was a lot of laughter along the way.  The only disagreement perhaps was when I told her I was going to do a skydive… but she didn’t stop me!

Who’s the biggest party animal?

Mum!  She’s nuts.  In a good way of course! (If my friend had to choose between her and me, I’m pretty sure that they would choose Mum!)

What was the highlight of your trip?

This is such a difficult question to answer – there were so many highlights along the way.  The Barrier Reef was definitely a highlight, and the skydive and the Singapore Sling in Raffles on the way back too…

Have your learnt anything new about your Mum after travelling together?

Yes! I’ve learnt that I’m the mother and she’s the child! I’ve seen another side to my Mum too, seeing her totally relaxed for once, which was fantastic – she has a cheeky sense of humour that tends to appear at these times!  I’ve also learnt that if my Mum agrees to something, she’ll do her best not to let anyone down.  Before we left she joined a local choir, ‘Lleisiau Tywi’, and every single night of the holiday she rehearsed her ‘cerdd dant’ singing before bed!  (It was worth it as they won at the Cerdd Dant Festival!)

So, the million-dollar question. Would you go on holiday with Mum again?!

Yes! 100%! I’d be delighted to go and we’ve actually already started saving up and thinking about where to go next! We both love skiing, so I think that’s the next trip.  Dad won’t mind giving that one a miss either!!

What advice do you have for other children who are thinking about going on holiday with their Mum? (Cross fingers that Elsi will actually want to consider this in the future!!)

Go! Going on holiday with Mum has been a privilege, especially now that I’m older and have moved out.  It’s been a chance to get to know my Mum even better, as a friend as opposed to a mother.  I also hope it’s been a chance for her to get to know me as an adult, and as a friend.  I really do recommend it!

A huge thanks to Ffion Rees for sharing her amazing experience with Mam Cymru, and I really do hope that I’m cool enough to go on holiday with Elsi when she’s older!

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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