One of THOSE days!

It seems like I have one of THOSE days every single month. Today was one of THEM!

It all started when I decided to have a lie in until 7am, instead of getting up at 05:30 like I usually do. That’s when most of my Mam Cymru work takes place, before I go to my ‘proper’ job! This is the first time in months that I’ve had a lie in, and if you dare to read on, you’ll probably agree that this obviously doesn’t suit me!

I went downstairs and opened the fridge, a simple task, but suddenly from nowhere, three partly opened punnets of blueberries, raspberries and grapes decided to jump out and land on my chest, before rolling down, one by one, and landing all over the kitchen floor. Great start. After finding all the individual bits of fruit, wiping up the juice, and collecting the remainder of my daughter’s breakfast off the floor, off we went on our 18-mile school run.

When we arrived at school, Elsi decided she had to take her recording bird toy into school, I’m sure you’ve seen them, those little live pets which record your voice and repeat it in a bird like voice. Fun to begin with, but slightly annoying after a while! Anyway, I explained that her teacher wouldn’t appreciate it as she had enough noise to deal with between the 27 pupils in the class (hero), and also, she was now 5 years old, a ‘big’ girl, and year 1 pupils are way too ‘big’ to take toys in to school. Unlike her usual polite self, Elsi decided that back chat was the best approach today! Screaming was the first step, but after seeing that Mam was having none of it, she decided to push me into my own car, much to the horror of the other parents who were side stepping past this dramatic scene! Having realised that she was not winning this battle, and realising how silly she’d been, she apologised before holding my hand and skipping in through the school gate….normal practise resumed, thank goodness!

The next task was driving the usual 4- mile journey from school to my office. Another easy task, but no, not today! My car started making this incredibly annoying beeping sound, which got louder and louder by the second. A light on the dashboard said my passenger door was open, it wasn’t! I stopped twice to slam it has hard as I could (the door), but it continued to get louder and louder for the remainder of the journey! I found myself swearing at my own car, I hate swearing, but it was so incredibly annoying!

I arrived at the office like a coiled spring, stressed, tired, hair all over the place and dripping wet from the rain. I needed a paned (cuppa)! This time of year, is a really busy time in most offices, with the Christmas deadlines getting closer and closer and the to do lists getting longer and longer. For everyone who works in sales and marketing, like me, it’s simply a bonkers time of year – we’re all like hamsters on wheels going around and round and getting nowhere, despite all our hard work and efforts! Todays ‘to do list’ was just overwhelming! It was 11:00 when I realised that I was still wearing my coat, a regular occurrence these days – I must put ‘take off coat’ on the top of my daily to do list from now on!

After a productive day, a few ticks off the list, and a few more tasks added to the bottom of the list, 3pm arrived and off I went to collect Elsi from school. Fortunately, the beeping had vanished! I was so exhausted and emotionally drained as I stood there waiting for my smiley 5 year old to return to my arms.  I tried everything to ‘tempt’ Elsi not to hang around in Aberystwyth for the next 90 minutes to wait for her gymnastics class to start, I said we could do whatever she wanted if we could just go straight home…but no, she wanted to go! I’ve never not wanted to take her to a class before, but I just wanted to go home tonight. This is not me being selfish, it’s me just stating that sometimes, we ALL need a rest!!

Elsi loved her class as usual, and seeing her enjoying herself with her friends forced me to stay in the room to watch, rather than giving in to the voice in my head which pleaded for me to go and have a nap in the car outside! I must apologise to Bev, one of the Mums who decided to sit by me and kindly ask me how I was….to which I replied ‘knackered’, before the outpour of every single detail of my drama filled day – the same story I’ve just shared with you! I’m sure she wished she’d never asked! I don’t blame her if she avoids me from now on!

Elsi was hyper all the way home, I’m really pleased she loves her gymnastics class, and I also feel energised after exercising…at least I think I do? It’s been a while! But no, I didn’t want to play pretend eye spy in the dark on the way home, and no I didn’t want to count up to 200 with her or play Mums and Dads, because “Mam, is so tired that all I can do is concentrate on driving us both home safely, and it’s ok for Mam to admit that she’s tired, because we ALL get tired!”

What I’ve learnt from today?

Sometimes it’s really, really hard to juggle life as a busy working Mum!

Some days, small things tip us over the edge…even fruit!

It’s normal to feel completely knackered and admit it!

I’m not a bad Mum just because I didn’t play pretend eye spy.

It’s probably all down to hormones….and it’ll probably happen again next month!

We all have THOSE days!

A warm hug from a 5-year-old puts everything in perspective.

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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