The Family Winter Warmer Recipe by @CeginSian

Here’s another lovely recipe by @ceginsian…and guess what? We’ve already tried it, the kids loved it (yipeee!) and it’s perfect for this season and for Christmas day!

There’s something about roast potatoes that fires strong emotions in me. They remind me of childhood Sundays with the family, highdays and holidays and of my mother. I wasn’t surprised, therefore that a simple picture post of roast potatoes on @ceginsian got more reaction than any other from my family. ‘Want’ said my daughter @gwenireeves; ‘really want’ cried her friend @ifs010; while my sister @catrineurwen commented ‘want too’. All gone I’m sorry!

Let me just say one or two things here. Don’t be blinded by the science of different varieties of potatoes in the shops. Yes, sure, there are some potatoes that are deemed better for roasting than others, but the truth is that you can roast any variety that you happen to have at home. I had a packet of baking potatoes in my fridge last night and used them. They’re cheap at the moment – about 60p for 2kg is all I paid for them. The second thing I’d like to say is that you should really peel your spuds for roasting them; you don’t really get the same glorious factor with skin-on roasties.

I hadn’t bothered to cook any in a while but last night was a particularly cold Monday evening in November and it fuelled my craving for them. I prefer to cook smaller, crispier ones, that have been par-boiled for 5 minutes, drained and sprinkled with plenty of salt, then tossed in olive oil before placing them in the hottest oven for at least an hour with a clove or two of garlic to keep them company. This lushness was served with a chicken, root vegetables and puy lentil casserole. It was a cheap and simple casserole inspired by one of those ‘stew packs’ with random root veggies you can buy in supermarkets.

Not much more to be said really, only that it made me realise that I should cook native root vegetables more often because their simple earthy flavour, cooked slowly in a low oven for hours on end, cannot be beaten. I fried onion and garlic for 5 minutes before adding the root vegetables (carrots, swede, parsnips) to sweat for a bit. Then I added some puy lentils and enough stock to cover everything. I used chicken stock, and added some chicken breasts to poach in the liquid; but you could use vegetable stock and extra lentils for a purely vegetarian option. It’s quite a soupy casserole, and adding a quarter of a pint of double cream before serving gives the liquid a richer texture. Serve with roast potatoes and garlic bread.


Thanks to @ceginsian for another lovely recipe! If you have a family friendly (or Mummy friendly recipe!!) please send them on to us at and don’t forget to share your pics with us on our Facebook page and @mamicymru on Twitter!

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