Teen Mum

My name’s Llinos and I’ve just entered my thirties. I have a little boy, who’s actually not that little at all! Blonde hair, shoulders as broad as a chapel door, and a smile as wide as a farm gate!

Yes, I am a proud mum, like all mums…the only thing that makes me slightly different, is the fact that I’m 30 and Osh is 12. When I talk about our age, I can see those cogs turning inside peoples confused brains as they try to work out how I old I was when I had Osh!

So what if I was a teen mum and now a young mum? Is it really a problem? Why should people question young parents and feel the need to share their remarks?

“I’m sure it’s hard work when you’re that young!”

“You don’t look old enough”

“Oh bless you, you were young”

“Oh poor you!”

YES! I am a young mum. YES! It was difficult raising a child at such a young age, but it’s not easy at any age. Did I struggle? Yes, at times, but I’m still here, we’re both here and yes, I am happy!

Being a “young mum” can be difficult, having to juggle your education and university work with nappy changing and wiping up sick from everywhere, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. You can still be who you want to be.

So, if you are a young mum or a teen mum; boobs out and go for it! These things are here to try us, to challenge us, to make us smile and to make us cry! Don’t be scared, don’t feel ashamed, and don’t ever feel like you have to give up on your education and career, just because you have a little lamb by your side! I’ve done it and you can too.

By Llinos Jones.

Mam Cymru would like to thanks Llinos for sending us her story. If you would like to share your experiences and thoughts with our readers, please email us at mam@mamcymru.wales

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  1. Than you so much for sharing this. I now feel I’m Normal. I get the you don’t look old enough comment about my 16year old daughter as I’m 33. I often feel judged and that it’s just me in this situation but reading this has made me realise I’m not alone. X

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