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Since launching Mam Cymru in July 2017, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing lots of mummy authors and lots of mums who are challenging themselves by venturing into new areas of work, but it’s really strange writing this article about the fact that I’m about to enter a brand-new area and am about to publish my first book!

The book ‘Mam – Croeso i’r Clwb’ (Mum – Welcome to the Club), is a Welsh language book for mums and I’m both excited and nervous, as I’ve never written a book and I’m about to reveal lots of things about my personal journey into motherhood!

This book is factual, honest and positive, and it aims to help and guide mums through pregnancy and their first year with their new-born baby. As well as providing a useful insight about what lays ahead, I’m hoping that it will also make everyone laugh and laugh out loud, as I believe that laughing is the best way to survive this new and life changing experience!

I’ve focused on my own personal experience as a first-time mum and also included tips and experiences sent in to me by fifty mums and dads throughout Wales. I hope that reading this book will help all mums prepare for the adventures, the fun and the challenges and make you feel excited and ready to enter this privileged club of motherhood.

You will all know me really well after reading this book! I’ve written about 100 different subjects; from pregnancy tests to morning (afternoon and evening) sickness, from hypnobirthing to horrific hormones, from buggies to breast feeding, from c sections to unconditional love and from sleepless nights to choosing the right nursery and the dreaded d day when we have to return to work! It’s a time of change, it’s emotional, it’s exciting and challenging all at the same time, and I hope that my book will make you feel confident and excited about the future.

Unlike many English language books which are written by wealthy yummy mummies who live the city life, my book portrays the life of a Mum and a parent in Wales. Raising a baby in Machynlleth and living on SMP is rather different to raising a baby with a millionaire in Manhattan! I hope this book will be far more relevant than what was available for me when I was pregnant!

Another important subject to tackle was how different life is for mums in Wales today, compared to that of our parents and grandparents. The majority of us mums have to work now, gone are the days of staying at home to raise children and clean the house! I discuss how this change affects us as we are forced to juggle so many things, and how this emotional and financial challenge is made even more difficult due to the fact that many of us don’t have as much family support, because our parents are forced to continue to work and some of us live away from our family. Mums are truly amazing! #MamPower

As well as the personal experiences, I have also managed to reel in some experts! Julia Taylor and Carys Griffiths, two midwives who are also mothers are on call and at hand to share lots of useful tips for all mums and dads! Dads really need to read and listen to what they say!! I wish I’d have had these tips when I was preparing to give birth! Dr Laura, a regular Mam Cymru contributor, is also at hand and shares some fantastic advice about how to deal with challenges such as colic, teething and much more!

As I was writing the book, there was one man on my mind, and no it wasn’t my husband Gareth, although he’s obviously played an important part throughout! It was actually Huw Aaron, a father and one of the most talented cartoonists I know! I really wanted him to illustrate the book and bring all these funny and strange scenarios to life, and I’m so excited about the fact that he accepted as he’d recently experienced life with a new baby and could relate to most of the book! You will all see yourselves in his fantastic artwork!

So, that’s it, a good insight to what to expect in ‘Mam – Croeso i’r Clwb!’ The book is being formatted in Y Lolfa as we speak, under the experienced eyes of another mother and my lovely editor Meinir Edwards, who has been a massive support since I started writing the book last January.

When will it be available? By the end of the month and ahead of Mothers Day and it’s a bargain at only £6.99! A lovely gift for mums, a great way to prepare the dads and a nostalgic read for all mums who want to rekindle the memories of their life as a new mum!

Launch party? Prosecco?! Obviously! I’ll share the latest news with you here and our Facebook and Twitter pages, so watch this space!

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru

*Copyright: Mam Cymru

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