Mother’s Day – What MUM REALLY WANTS!

Mother’s Day – What Mum REALLY wants!

So, that all important day is around the corner, only a few more sleeps to go until Mother’s Day! I can hear those shop tills working over time in the background as husbands and partners and kids rush around like lunatics, trying to find that ‘perfect’ Mother’s Day gift, or maybe just another box of chocs…if we’re lucky!

But what’s it all about?

If you look it up on Wikipedia, it states that that it’s all about celebrating and honouring the mother of the family, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers on society. It’s celebrated all over the world, but not always on the same date.

Is it necessary?

A big fat yes from the shop keepers… and I agree! It is a lovely idea! Leading such busy lives I think we all need dates and certain times in our busy diaries to focus on things that we tend to forget about, things that we all simply take for granted….and yes, let’s face it, everyone takes us mums for granted! I think we also deserve this day, we need to be celebrated as we’re all amazing, and life wouldn’t be half as organised/ fun/ dramatic/ tidy without us!

How to mark the occasion?

Personally, I would rather not be showered with gifts (if I did, I married the wrong guy!). Last year, my husband planned a surprise day out for us, a family walk up the mountain through lots of muddy fields, a picnic he prepared with all my favourite foods and a hot flask. The three of us sat on an old bed cover in our hiking gear to enjoy it in the middle of a field, with stunning coastal views. No distractions and no mobile phone reception. Proper, simple, quality time! After this, we visited our own Mums and enjoyed a hot meal together. That for me, was a perfect Mother’s Day.

What do Mums in Wales want/ need for Mother’s Day 2018?

Mam Cymru posted the question on our social media platforms and many of you were keen to share your thoughts and email us with your wish list. We’ve created a top 5 list based on your answers.

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1 –  A LIE IN!

Topping the list with many Mums was a lie in! We’re not talking lying in till lunchtime, just a lie in until after 8am. Many of you also noted that you also wanted to be able to lie in without any tantrums or dramas going on downstairs, and without any door slamming! Take note!


Most of you mentioned you didn’t want any gifts! Music to the ears of many partner’s and children?! You simply want to enjoy some quality time together. Keep the cash in that wallet and get your thinking caps on and start planning a nice day for the Mum in your life.


Surprisingly no one mentioned prosecco, although one lovely lady did say she’d like time to enjoy lots of gin! Many of you said you wanted to be able to enjoy and finish a hot cup of tea and coffee on Mother’s Day, without and distractions! I can relate to that one!


Lots of Mums said they wanted to be able to spend time with their children without any drama and with lots of warm cuddles or a ‘cwtsh’ as we call it in Wales! Just for this one day, could you maybe cuddle the Mums in your life without us having to ask/ beg/ force you to hug us?!


Several Mums stated they wanted a day off from their mundane chores and daily tasks, without having to feel guilty! So, if you want to give Mum that extra special treat on Mother’s Day, roll up your sleeves and do all those jobs that Mum usually does on a Sunday, while she relaxes with her hot drink!

What have we learnt? Well firstly, Mums in Wales (at least the ones that replied!) are simple low maintenance creatures who just need a bit of TLC and time out. Secondly, stop stressing out about what to buy, if you take note of that Mum in your life, you’ll probably notice that she’s just in need of a good rest! Forget that annual box of chocolates and flowers and that new pair of shoes and just be kind to her all day, (although if she’s been hinting for those shoes, you may want to buy them too!). Finally, whatever your plans are, let them start after 8am!

From Mam Cymru HQ – Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing Mums, including my own! Cwtsh mawr X

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

*Copyright: Mam Cymru

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