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About two weeks ago we posted an article about Sian Cartledge, a young Mother from Carmarthenshire and owner of Max Rocks. We explained how Sian had developed her own resources to help and inspire other parents to learn Welsh, as she believed there was a lack of interactive and contemporary Welsh resources available for families.

We were keen to ask parents who are learning Welsh to try out her products and share their honest opinions…and here they are!

Caeti Elene.

Osian is 4 ½ and has really enjoyed playing with the travel card pack. He’s just started full time school and is learning Welsh with us at the moment and we found that they were easy enough for him to use on his own, and the letters were the right size for him to recognise. So, all in all we’re all very impressed by these and would recommend them!


Freya is 3 and we tested out the Baby milestone cards to see what she could pick up and what she thought of them. She, like us, thought they were beautiful and she loved looking at the different animals and learning about them. Her Dad is fluent and they’ve been looking through them together. They are a lovely gift.


As a grandmother who’s learning Welsh, I really liked all the products, they would be useful for me and the grand children! I thought they were slightly expensive at first, but after learning about the fact that they have been designed and created by a young mum, I would certainly still buy them as they really are a nice gift, and I like to support other mums!


Lola is 3 and she really enjoyed the numbers and colours pack. She went through the whole lot and wanted to do them again and again! As a learner, it helped me to gage where she was at with her Welsh understanding too, she’s actually picked up a lot more than I’d realised! Because the pictures are so vibrant and inviting, she was really taking in what she was seeing and hearing and by the second time, she had remembered the lot! Great and useful product!

So there we have it! Everyone has given their honest reviews and it’s a high five from these four mums! To learn more about the products and the company visit her shop.

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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