A Song for Newborns – Can y Babis on BBC Radio Cymru 2

Did you know that BBC Radio Cymru 2 offers you an opportunity to welcome those beautiful newborn babies in a rather special way? No? Let me explain!

As part of their breakfast show ‘Y Sioe Frecwast’, presenter, musician and mother Caryl Parry Jones composes a brand new song called Can y Babis (Song for Babies) at the end of every month, to welcome all the beautiful little babies that have arrived here in Wales & beyond! Caryl performs the song live on the radio, and if you’re like me, you’ll be crying like a baby as you listen to her gorgeous song which list all the names of those cute little babies! I remember Caryl used to do the same on the Dafydd and Caryl show on BBC Radio Cymru, and I’m really pleased that they’ve decided to bring it back for BBC Radio Cymru 2!

I would have loved to have heard Elsi’s name in a song composed and performed by welsh legend Caryl Parry Jones, when she was born. It’s something to treasure forever isn’t it. In a small country like Wales, it’s very likely that some of these babies will bump into each other when they grow up too!

If you want to include the name of your new born or the name of your friend or relative’s baby, all you need to do is contact the team at Y Sioe Frecwast before the end of the month. Email sioefrecwast@bbc.co.uk or text 67500. Remember to include the full name, date of birth and where the baby lives…and any other details you’d like to include. Caryl will put them all in the pot and with a little bit of magic and a lot of talent, she’ll compose a new song! If that’s not special enough, she will also send you a signed copy of the words if you request them…another treasure for the memory box!

Here’s a clip of the song Caryl composed for those babies born I May 2018;

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru

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