Brilliant Welsh and Bilingual Books to help children learn to read.

Many of you have contacted us recently asking us to suggest welsh and bilingual books to help children to learn to read. It’s the beginning of the new school term so this is the perfect time to write this article, and I’ve also been through the process myself recently, as I’ve been teaching my own daughter to read.

Elsi has just turned 6, and over the past twelve months I’ve been trying my best to get ger to sit still for long enough to read! She’s always loved books and stories, we always end the day with a story and a song, but teaching her to read wasn’t an easy process!

The main problem I had was trying to get her to read the books that came home from school. Unfortunately, some of these were black and white and the stories were uninspiring.

Fortunately, thanks to the Welsh publishers and the Welsh Books Council, we have a wealth of Welsh and bilingual books available for children. The old favourites are still popular and I’ve loved re visiting books from my childhood like the Sali Mali series, but things have developed a lot, there’s now an endless list of colourful and inspiring books to suit all children, including graded books to help children develop. It was certainly worth investing in new books over the past twelve months. From my own experience, it’s also worth reading for 15 minutes a day rather than reading twice a week for longer periods of time. Lesson learnt!

So, here are some suggestions including new titles and bilingual titles from Welsh publishers.

Books by CAA

Moli a Meg Series

Eight simple storybooks for children learning to read Welsh. Suitable for second language children. Translations and bilingual guidelines on £2.50 each

Ffrindiau Bach a Mawr

Nine lovely storybooks for young children. Suitable for children learning Welsh as a second language. Audio CD available. £2.25 each.

Llyfrau Llafar a Phrint

Fun stories for parents to read with their children. In each book: English synopsis; in adult’s book: vocabulary, bilingual activities.

£3.50 each (A4 books);  £20.00 for the series of 6. Adult’s books: £2.00;  e-books with sound £2.29 each.

Books by Atebol

Sgubo (Sweep)

Bilingual story book. Daf’s bad mood begins as something small. But before long, it grows gathers pace, and sweeps through the whole town. An uplifting story about confronting big emotions. £7.99

Yr Arth Aruthrol *available at the end of September*

Bilingual story book by David Walliams about a big, furry polar bear who lives at the North Pole and spends her days happily swimming, fishing, eating and sleeping. But one day she nods off and finds herself far from home! £6.99

Douglas a’r Cywion Ciwt *available in October*

Bilingual story book. Is a hug enough to keep a little egg warm? Douglas finds out when he must look after Swoopy Bird’s nest. £5.99

Books by Y Lolfa

Diwnrod Siopa Cyw

Part of a bilingual series about the popular TV character Cyw, aimed at children learning Welsh as a second language. £3.95

Deian a Loli A’r Bai ar Gam

Deian and Loli, the mischievous twins, with magical powers, go on an adventure to learn about nature. £4.99

Cyfres Maes y Mes

A series of 4 books; Mwyaren a’r lleidr, Rhoswen a’r eira, Brwynwen a’r aderyn anferth and Briallen a brech y mêl. A series about fairies of the seasons which teaches us to care for the world, the importance of friends and helping each other. £3.99 each

Books by Canolfan Peniarth

Cymeriadau Difyr: Stryd y Rhifau

A set of 21 story books for children 3 – 7 by Manon Steffan Ros. Each book introduces a new number as a character, and focuses on helping children to recognise numerals by using fun and exciting methods.£50.00 for the series.

Wyt ti’n gwybod? Pecyn 1

A set of 15 books for 3-5 years old to introduce children to a range of interesting facts in order to stimulate their curiosity about the world around them as well as promoting their desire to search for all sorts of information. The set includes 5 simple books; 5 intermediate level books; 5 higher level books. £40.00 for the series.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful as you help your own child to learn to read. Don’t forget to share your photos and reviews with us by using the hashtag #DysguDarllen – Good luck!

By Heulwen Davies

Mam Cymru.

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