Chart topping singer Nesdi Jones discusses life as a new Mum and her first Christmas with her daughter

I was fortunate enough to meet the successful young singer Nesdi Jones on the sofa at S4C’s Heno TV studio in Llanelli back in January. I was there discussing my Year of the Smear campaign and Nesdi was discussing her successful career and her first pregnancy, sitting beside us was Wales rugby legend Robin Mc Bryde discussing the Six Nations! A very interesting line up! I was pleased to hear that Nesdi gave birth to her beautiful baby daughter Cadi-Glyn back in May and I was keen to catch up with her to see how she’s enjoying life as a first time Mum.

Firstly, huge congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby. How are you coping with life as a first time Mum?

Thanks! I’m enjoying it but it’s hectic and chaotic! The best thing is seeing Cadi laughing, smiling and developing. I find it really interesting. It’s also challenging, especially the tantrums! I wish I had a “baby translator” at times!

What advice do you have for other women who are preparing for the birth of their first baby?

The best advice I can give is to ask for help when you need it. I had a lot of help from the mental health team when I was pregnant as I suffered with anxiety and depression. I’m really pleased I asked for help straight away as I don’t know how I would have coped without it. Also, don’t overthink what your baby needs, the reality is that babies don’t actually need a lot of stuff. There’s no need to panic and waste money on things like “wipe warmers” as you won’t use them

For those readers that don’t know about your music career, explain a bit about your style and your international success…

I sing in four languages, Welsh, English, Hindi and Punjabi. My music is a fusion of Bhangra and pop. After touring India and posting videos on Youtube I was discovered by a rapper and famous producer from India. I did a song with him and it reached number 1 in the BBC Asian Newtwork charts. The song was also a hit with communities in South Asia. I’ve had another number one hit and a number 10 hit and won the ‘best newcomer’ in the British Bhangra Awards. I’ve been fortunate to tour India and also had a documentary on S4C, BBC Radio Cymru, BBC Radio Wales and I also do mashup videos on Youtube where I mix popular Bollywood songs with music from the UK.

So how does Cadi – Glyn fit in with your unusual career?

Well I haven’t been to India since having Cadi, but I will return when she’s older and she’ll be coming with me. My friends in India want to meet her and it will be amazing for her to experience Indian life and culture. I’ve been performing in Britain and she has been with me, she gets a lot more attention than me now! My partner (who’s now learning Welsh) has been coming with me and that’s a massive help. I’m really lucky to have a supportive partner by my side. Mum has been kind enough to babysit when I had to work in Cardiff, but I was sending her messages every hour to see how Cadi-Glyn was getting on!

Does Cadi enjoy your music?

It’s rather amusing that her favourite style is Bollywood, but she gives me a stern look when I’m singing and she’s trying to watch Cyw, the Welsh children’s channel on S4C! She’s been listening to me singing since she was in my tummy as I was performing and filming until I was 7 months pregnant.

Has Cadi changed the way you write and perform?

Yes. I’m certainly more emotional since becoming a Mum and there’s a lot more emotion in my lyrics, which is a good thing. I’ve also discovered a new energy when I perform, as I’m not just doing it for me now, I’m doing it for my daughter too. I want her to see that anything is possible and you can be whatever you want to be as long as you work hard.

Is it possible to continue your career when you become a Mum?

Certainly, but you have to put the effort in and have a lot of patience! Before having Cadi, my Youtube videos would take a couple of hours to film but now it can take 2 – 3 days! At the beginning I was trying to do too much and I was really stressed. I’ve learnt that I need to make a plan and set myself deadlines, but with enough flexibility for change as you can’t always stick to plans when you have a young baby! If it doesn’t work out, it’s important to remember that there’s always tomorrow.

Your first Christmas as a Mum is almost here, how will you be celebrating?

I’m really excited! We’ll be having a special breakfast with my partner’s family and then travelling to Criccieth to have lunch with my family. This is the first Christmas in years when my whole family will all be together, over 20 of us and Cadi-Glyn will be with us! It’s going to be special and I just know that I’ll be crying a lot!

Mam Cymru would like to thank Nesdi for the interview. It’s obvious that she’s loving the juggling act of being a Mother and singer and we look forward to seeing her career develop with Cadi-Glyn by her side. To keep up to date with Nesdi’s music follow her on Twitter @madmusicmam and take a look at her brilliant YouTube channel Motherhood Music and Madness

Nadolig Llawen  – A very Happy Christmas to you Nesdi, Cadi-Glyn and the whole family! Enjoy every second! X

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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  1. Please don’t be scared using the word “mam” in English language articles by the way ….. mam is as much part of English as Welsh.

    I’ve been told off in public for refering to my own mother as mam in Wales!
    “you mean your mum yes” “no mam” … “your mum you mean?” … lol

    I despair at how modern mass media has being doing its best to kill mam off in favour of “mum” … a victorian slang word from Se England – just cos people think mam is a “lower class word”…ych

    I grew up in Eastern Wales and seen both the Welsh language and the use of “mam” die a quick death over the decades…..ah well change happens as buddha says

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