Launching our #MamFit Challenge 2019 !

Helo 2019 and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!

You may recall that during January 2018 I launched my #YearOfTheSmear campaign here on Mam Cymru, in order to encourage more mothers and women to attend their smear test appointments. The response to that campaign was overwhelming and within days of the launch I was on the TV, radio and receiving invitations to discuss it at public events including the National Eisteddfod. I loved the fact that women across Wales and beyond, were contacting me to explain how that campaign had inspired them and reminded them how important that test is. Women are still stopping me on the streets with regular updates which is brilliant! Please keep doing it, that test is IMPORTANT and as I mentioned, I probably wouldn’t be here today had I not attended mine.

With 2019 underway, I’ve decided to launch a brand-new campaign called #MamFit, a challenge to encourage myself and to hopefully inspire others to make a commitment to look after our bodies and our well being this year.

Why? In 2018 I learnt that I needed to slow down, listen to my body and look after myself. My body was completely out of balance, and let’s face it, when you become a parent getting the right balance in our life is really hard. I believe that parents today juggle more than we ever have. 2018 was an amazing year for me in so many ways and I was so lucky to have so many career opportunities, but it came at a price.

Working full time as well as running three freelance projects and writing two books, whilst running Mam Cymru on my own in my ‘spare time and trying to prioritise my family and surviving on 5 hours sleep a night was NOT sustainable! I am not superwoman and obviously my body was going to scream STOP at some point!

Due to this lack of balance, for the first time ever I experienced anxiety and a scary panic attack. A few weeks before Christmas I was also physically sick three times in one day (too much detail?) due to pure exhaustion. 2018 taught me some really important life lessons, it was a wake – up call and this year I’m putting these life lessons into practice.

#MamFit Challenge 2019

I’m setting myself a positive challenge in 2019, to become fit in body and mind, I want to be a #MamFit and restore balance and energy into my life. If you can relate to this and feel like you need better balance and more energy, why not join me in this challenge? You are all invited, it’s not just for mothers and girls, we can all benefit from #MamFit and it would be brilliant to have you on board!

#MamFit Masterplan!

It’s simple! The plan is to promise yourself that you’ll spend at least half an hour every day on your own health and well being; during the week this should be a combination of exercise, planning and preparing healthy meals for yourself and your family and total relaxation. We are all different and we are all busy, but we can all make this work for us and find time in our manic daily schedules to give ourselves (yes, you!) half an hour – our families can join in too!

I’m guilty of saying I don’t have time for me time, but the truth is that we are all in charge of our leisure time and we can ALL find half an hour! What about getting up half an hour earlier? What about taking a walk rather than sitting at your desk at lunchtime? What about not wasting all that time on Facebook and Instagram and using that time to cook delicious and healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy? What about going to an exercise class or doing some relaxation exercises rather than watching those TV programmes you don’t actually enjoy?! When your child’s in their swimming lesson, why don’t you go to the gym or relax in the fresh air or with a good book, rather than sit in the café, staring at your phone whilst eating (another) cake?! I’m guilty of all of the above and I’m not saying I’m ditching all these bad habits, but I know I can change and allow at least half an hour of my day to make myself a better person. These simple changes will benefit all of us and our families, so we don’t need to feel guilty either!

#MamFit Community

Over the next 12 months I’ll be sharing my own journey with you here on the blog, also some useful and cost-effective ideas for all of you as well as tips by the experts. You are all welcome to share your stories and articles too in order to help inspire us all to keep going! So, if you’re keen to join me and take part in the #MamFit challenge register here for free so I can see who’s keeping me company in the #MamFit Community, I will also share the latest developments with you as our community grows !

Don’t forget to use the #MamFit hashtag to share your images and updates with us on our Mam Cymru Facebook page and our @MamiCymru Twitter page – and if you don’t follow us – do it, so you can keep up do date with all our latest articles and our new series of events for 2019!

If you have any other ideas, stories or recipes to share, please email them to me at – and please remember everyone is welcome, it’s not just for mums!

The first step for me is to do a quick exercise to asses where I am now and where I want to be at the end of the year, a target always helps me to stay focused and on track! I’ll share this with you soon and we’ll see if I reach my target by December 2019! Onwards #MamFit and don’t forget the half an hour rule! We can do this!

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru #MamFit (to be!)




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