#MamFit 2 Weeks In!

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I started my #MamFit Challenge 2019, and what’s more I can’t believe that almost 100 of you have signed up and have decided to join me! I’m over the moon with the response and was grateful that S4C’s Heno invited me to discuss it live on TV too! It’s just brilliant that so many of us have decided to invest time in ourselves this year, I’m already seeing the benefits and I’ve managed to loose my first three pounds in the process!

So far, I’ve managed to stick to the plan and have invested at least half an hour each day to do something positive for my own health and well being. Some days I plan what I’m going to do and other days it’s not that easy to decide when I’ll do it, like Monday, when I had a six-hour drive, two courses and a meeting – but I managed half an hour of yoga before bed!

Speaking of yoga, this is a new thing and a really good thing that I’ve discovered in the last two weeks. I did pregnancy yoga almost 7 years ago now, and really felt the benefits but never gave myself the time to return to this practice after becoming a busy parent – sound familiar?!

I decided to attend a yoga day at Coed y Brenin – the brilliant outdoor center near Dolgellau. I was the only one there who had never done a yoga class, but Polly the lovely instructor was most welcoming. Everyone was so lovely and as we started, I instantly felt an inner sense of calm – something I haven’t experienced for way too long. I have to admit that it wasn’t all calm and relaxation, the afternoon session was hard going for some parts of my body and I found these parts were shaking like mad during some of the more complicated moves, but it wasn’t painful and Polly had made sure that we knew not to push ourselves into anything that felt uncomfortable. Since then, I’ve been practising yoga at home, and even doing it with my daughter – we both sleep so much better after doing it and I find it helps me stay calm during the day too. It’s something that I’m planning to continue and to research further over the next few months.

As well as yoga, I have also started walking a lot more. Having had my husbands hand me down fitness watch, I was amazed how little I was moving day to day at the beginning of this challenge. My job is office based and as I have to drive 18 miles to get there, I’m constantly sitting down. The daily goal is to do 10,000 steps a day but I was horrified to discover that I was only doing about 2,500 a day! As a result, I’ve been leaving my car away from the office and walking from the school run to work as often as I can – it’s all up a steep hill with lots of steps along the way, so it really gets my heart rate up and I feel awake and energised once I reach the office. It’s also free and being out in the fresh air helps clear my mind too.

My diet has also changed over the last two weeks. Like most people, I over indulged over Christmas, I felt sluggish and horrible and exhausted when I got up in the morning. This challenge has inspired me to get back to a healthy and balanced way of eating – not a diet, just being healthy. I’ve been having porridge for breakfast with pumpkin seeds and berries or banana and spoonful of honey – just the job to get me energised before walking up the hill to work! Then for lunch it’s been jacket potatoes with beans and salad, or a couscous salad with lots of veggies and fish or a chunky homemade soup with pitta bread, then for dinner it’s been steak or fish with lots of roasted or grilled veggies or a lean homemade cottage pie – a family favourite! Having all this healthy and filling food means I’ve not wanted to snack between meals, I feel full and full of energy.

Drinking more water is my next move – I don’t drink enough. I only drink herbal teas or homemade smoothies in between but I know it’s important to drink more water, especially as I’m doing a lot more exercise now – so that’s my main goal for the rest of the month.

If you’re joining me in this challenge – don’t forget to share your stories and ideas by tagging Mam Cymru on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and using the hashtag #MamFit. If you haven’t signed up – it’s free and you can do that here.

Onwards #MamFit

Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru.

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