#MamFit Results January 2019!

The first month of the #MamFit Challenge 2019 has come to an end, and the response has been amazing! 99 of you have now signed up for free to join me on this journey to feel fitter in body and mind this year.

At the end of each month, I’ve asked the members of our #MamFit Community to complete an online results form, so we can keep track of our progress and see what the main challenges are. A massive thanks to all of you who have completed the online form.

Here are our results for January!

How many have managed to keep up the challenge of giving ourselves at least half an hour every day to improve our health and wellbeing?

90% of you! As a result, you say that you feel energised, have better balance in your life and feel happier. Amazing!

I have to admit that I have also managed to stick to it every day, and I now feel ready to get up in the morning, I have better balance and my shoulders are back where they belong! I’m also sleeping a lot better.

Weight Loss?

100% of those who wanted to lose weight have lost weight this month! You have lost an average of 3.5 pounds, a really healthy one pound a week. Some of you have managed to lose half a stone! I’m happy to admit that I’ve lost 4 pounds.


Those of you who have been monitoring your BMI this month have seen an improvement, with some going from 31 to 28.8. My starting BMI was 28.3 and it’s now 27.5, which means I’m getting healthier!

Healthy Eating?

Almost everyone has stated that you have been spending more time cooking and planning your meals in advance this month. 100% of you have also stated an improved diet this month.

I’ve certainly spent more time cooking and preparing my family meals this month, I haven’t eaten any sweet treats and I’ve only had half a glass of prosecco this year!


100% of you have stated that you’ve been moving a lot more this month! You also state that you feel better and have more energy after doing exercise.

Wearing my husband old exercise watch has taught me that those of us who drive to work and sit down at our desks every day, need to make a real effort to increase our daily steps. The daily target is 10,000 and even after walking up a long and steep hill to work and back and parking away from the shops, I still wasn’t hitting my daily target, so my personal challenge this month is to increase my exercise and reach the 10,000 as often as I can.

One word to describe how we feel at the end of the month?

98% of you chose the word happier! That makes me really happy and will keep me motivated in February!


The main challenge for most of our #MamFit members in January was getting used to allocating that daily half an hour on ourselves and making the time to do it, but the results prove that it is worth the investment!

On those busy days where it’s been impossible to leave my desk, or when the snow didn’t allow me to walk up the hill to work, I used a free app called FIIT to do half an hour of yoga or breathwork before bed or do some HIIT training during the day. There are loads of free apps at our fingertips and we can do these exercises at home without any equipment – no excuses!

Personal Highlight?

The way I feel. The fact that I have better balance means I feel better all round. I also feel energised, grounded and have better focus. Another highlight was being able to do my first 5k run without stopping for the first time in way too long! Onwards and a huge congratulations to you all – you are all amazing and knowing that I’m not on my own is a huge help! X

By Heulwen Davies, Mam Cymru

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