I’m Sick of After School Clubs!

Sick of After School Stuff – A Rant by an anonymous Mam!

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I was literally counting the days (hours) until my kids went back to school after the summer holidays. I was more than ready to get back to our ‘normal’ routine cos lets face it, juggling the kids and work for 6 weeks is tough by anyone’s standards, especially if you’re a single parent with a useless ex like mine. I think it’s stupid to have a 6 week break anyway, school holidays should be spread out, but who am I to say? I’m not a middle-aged man in a suit so my opinion hardly counts does it.

The kids have been back in school for three weeks now, but this ‘normal’ routine is killing me! I actually forgot how tiring it is getting the kids to and from school, but the worst part is the after-school stuff. My kids are in primary, one is 7 and the others just turned 9, I’m not naming them as they’ll kill me! The 7 year old has swimming on a Monday, beavers on a Tuesday and football on a Saturday. My eldest has swimming on a Tuesday (at the same time as Beavers and in opposite ends of the town), then piano on a Wednesday and then karate on Thursday.

Three weeks in and I’m honestly knackered! I’m already counting the days until Half Term and getting my life back, rather than literally running round after them, dropping them off here, there and everywhere and trying to fit in my work, cooking and sleep. It’s not just the time it’s the cost of it, paying up front for their clubs and their school dinners have cost me almost £400 this month!

The thing is, I want my kids to be able to go to these clubs and find out what they like/ don’t like and have fun, but the reality is that I’m sick of it! I didn’t sign up to be a taxi and spending endless boring hours in car parks, or sat amongst other parents that I’m bored of talking to! I want to spend this time with my kids or doing something productive and ticking some bits off my own to do list, rather than adding another handful to tomorrows list.

In the summer holidays we actually sat down and had dinner together, face to face, now it’s just wolfing down manky sandwiches in car parks from Monday to Thursday, then rushing to a club and keeping one kid entertained whilst the other is in his or her club. I’m not selfish by any means, but this is shit!

Am I a bad Mum? Should I just accept that this is it for the next few years? Should I just put my foot down and say no more and make them choose one club each? But what if they don’t end up becoming a successful footballer and musician because they chose the wrong one? One thing I know is that this so called ‘normal’ routine can’t continue, I’m a single Mum trying to do the lot and somethings got to give! At least getting it off my chest is making me feel better for now! Bring on Half Term and all its arguments and dinner by the table!

A rant by an exhausted Mam…in a car park outside an after-school club!

A massive thank you to this anonymous Mam for sharing her rant with Mam Cymru and our readers. For the record, you are not a crap Mam, you’re doing an amazing job and we can all relate to your situation. If you ever feel to rant in a car park again, please share it with us at mam@mamcymru.wales 





  1. Ti ddim yn fam crap! Mae na ormod o bethau ymlaen dyddie yma. Weithau mae plant (a rhieni) jyst isio dadweindio ar ôl diwrnod caled. Beth fyddai’n handi fyddai clybiau diddordeb yn yr ysgol fel bod plant yn gallu mynd yn syth o’r ysgol i’r clybiau – gan olygu bod gen ti awr ychwanegol i weithio! Rydan ni i gyd am weld ein plant yn ffynnu – ond y gwirionedd yw mae angen gweithio hefyd ac mae pob awr o’r diwrnod gwaith yn cyfrif (yn enwedig os wyt ti’n hunangyflogedig!) x

  2. Rhaid ei fod yn anodd iawn bod yn fam sengl. Mae’n ddigon anodd pan mae partner gyda chi a dwi’n llawn edmygedd at ferched sy’n gallu gwneud hyn – felly “Hats off to you!”. Swnio fel bo ti’n poeni gormod am beth ti’n teimlo ‘dylet’ ti fod yn ei wneud. Mae’n hollol fine meddwl am beth sy’n gweithio ichi fel teulu cyfan. Felly beth am drïo gwneud pethau’n haws? Dwi ddim yn gwybod os ti’n byw mewn dinas neu ardal mwy gwledig. Oes posib trefnu gwers nofio sy’n agosach i ble ti’n byw fel bo ti ddim yn gorfod teithio o un pen i’r dref i’r llall? Os dyw hyn ddim yn bosib mae’n fine i ddisgwyl i’r plant gyfaddawdu a dewis dim mwy nag un gweithgaredd ar un noson. O ran piano, mae posib cael athrawon sy’n dod i’r tŷ. A yw hyn yn opsiwn lle ti’n byw? Os wyt ti’n teimlo’n stressed gyda’r holl weithgareddau yma yna mae yn hollol dderbyniol addasu er mwyn gwneud pethau’n haws. Rwyt ti’n sôn bod dy bartner yn ‘crap’. A wyt ti wedi gofyn iddo helpu? Mae o’n gyfrifol am hapusrwydd a datblygiad y plant hefyd.

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