Mam Reviews – The Fabulous Lost & Found And The Little Welsh Mouse.

I was very excited to receive a lovely gift in the post this week, a copy of a brand-new children’s book ‘The Fabulous Lost & Found And The Little Welsh Mouse’. Having read it with my 7 year old Elsi, I can say that it is a fabulous book in more ways than one.

My favourite thing about it is the concept, it uses the story – powered language learning method, don’t worry I didn’t quite understand what that meant either, but worry not as there’s an explanation in the book!

The idea is to teach children new languages and to develop an interest in languages through the power of a fun and engaging story. In this book, the two frogs only speak English and then the mouse only speaks Welsh. Following the story and their attempts to understand each other, encourages the child to empathise and have a positive attitude towards new languages. As the story develops, the child works with the English-speaking characters to work out what the Welsh words mean, and there’s plenty of humour along the way which makes learning and teaching kids Welsh so much fun.

Another fabulous thing about the book is the story itself, it’s really sweet and funny. The little Welsh mouse has lost a ‘het’. When the Welsh speaking mouse arrives at the Lost & Found shop things get a bit tricky, the owners, Mr & Mrs Frog don’t speak Welsh and the mouse doesn’t speak English! There’s lots of fun, frolicks and a few tears as they try to find the missing ‘het’ = hat!

Elsi usually thinks that story books are now ‘too babyish’, but because the story was so engaging and not too long, she enjoyed it so much that she wanted us to read again…straight away! That’s a BIG deal! She was the mouse and I played the frogs, then we swapped!

Learning Welsh is the focus here, and I can see how useful it would be for both children and parents who want to learn Welsh, also for Welsh speakers who want to learn English. There’s an useful list of the Welsh words at the back of the book & additional resources on

Great news for those who want to learn other languages too, the book is available in over 15 other languages! From Korean to Tagalog and French. I think Elsi would love to read these, like most kids she’s like a sponge when it comes to languages. If you’ve enjoyed the story in one language it would be fun to read it in other languages too.

The illustrations in the book are brilliant. Busy, colourful and funny, exactly what children like! They were created by Peter Brynton who worked on Paddington 2 (Which I also love!) and the recent adaptation of the brilliant The Tiger Came to Tea for Chanel 4.

The author is Father Mark Pallis, a former barrister turned writer and creative producer for film and TV. I could tell he was a Dad as I always believe that parents make the best children’s books! He also wrote the charming ‘Crab and Whale – mindfulness for children’.

A massive congratulations to Mark, Peter and Neu Westend Press and I look forward to seeing more books from them to help children who want to learn our beautiful Welsh language and other languages too!

The Fabulous Lost & Found And the Little Welsh Mouse is now available to buy now on Amazon for just £7.99 and £3.99 for the E Book.





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