Mam Reviews – The PERFECT book for every young rugby fan!

Hands up who’s excited about the Six Nations? Me!

Hands up who doesn’t really know the rules? Me!

Hands up who doesn’t really know enough about the history of the game? Me!

We took our daughter and her cousins to watch their first ever rugby game in the amazing Principality Stadium in November 2018, needless to say they absolutely loved it and were screaming Cymru all the way! Elsi went to a few rugby lessons after that and loved that too…but I did feel embarrassed when she kept asking me about the rules, I actually knew a lot less than I thought!

Fortunately, Rily Publications from Caerphilly have published a new book that has all the answers about the rules and much more, so you and your little ones will have all the answers ready for the Six Nations 2020! Ogi Ogi Ogi – Yes! Yes! Yes!

This hardback book reminds me of the annuals I used to have when I was a child. It’s full of colour, photos and interesting facts about the game. Did you know that the game was developed 200 years ago? That will impress the kids!

It introduces all the rugby terms from the try to the knock on, as well as focusing on variations in the game and the competitions such as the Rugby World Cup and our beloved Six Nations.

Elsi loved learning about how people play rugby in different countries, on the beach and in the snow. She was amazed at the wheelchair rugby players which she referred to as ‘real rugby legends’, I couldn’t agree more.

Another aspect of the game that caught Elsi’s eye was the fact that it’s such a physical game and that it’s good that children, women and men play the game across the world. As we looked through the various roles on the field, she was laughing as she learnt about the ‘Props’ the ‘Wingers’ and the ‘Hookers’ ….she’ll find that even more hilarious when she’s older!

It was rather nostalgic looking through the rugby legends, like Jonah Lomu and Elsi was pleased to see that a woman, Katherine Merchant was amongst the men too! It felt like the authors had made a real effort to portray the game as inclusive as possible, that was really refreshing.

I really liked the step by step graphics which introduced some useful tips, Elsi loved acting these out in the lounge…with a soft rugby ball. Mam won’t let her kick real rugby balls in the house I’m afraid!

One of Elsi’s highlights was the photo of the Haka, she always loves watching this and I’m quite happy to watch New Zeland’s rugby team with her on the IPad too…!

I can see that we’ll have this book on the coffee table during this years Six Nations and Elsi will be referring to it to answer her own questions, and testing her knowledge during the match!

Thanks to Rily, the only thing we won’t know about the rugby this year, will be the result…but Wales will obviously win! C’mon Cymru!

Rygbi Ar y Bêl Gyda Gêm Orau’r Byd is available now for £9.99.

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