Why do kids enjoy watching crap on YouTube?!

When I was young, my favourite programmes were S4C’s Ffalabalam and Stwnsh Sadwrn and then Sooty, Danger Mouse, Rainbow and Play School. Now, kids like watching kids playing with slime, car tyres driving over food and wealthy American kids showing off in their own homes while their parent’s film.

I don’t know why it annoys me so much, but it really does, especially as everything my daughter watches is focused on kids with American accents, which makes her speak ‘American’ around the house! I have nothing against the American accent, I like it, but when you’re from Mid Wales it’s just odd!

When my daughter was younger, we would watch all the Welsh programmes on CYW, the Welsh kids channel. She loved Cei Bach, Sbri Di ri, Guto Gwningen and Peppa Pinc. From the age of 6 it’s been a struggle to get her to watch any Welsh kids shows as she says they are ‘too babyish’. The only Welsh kids programme she likes watching now is Deian a Loli, an original Welsh programme which really is fantastic and I really enjoy watching it too! I hope S4C develop more programmes like this as it’s so important to keep these young Welsh children interested in Welsh TV and to make relevant programmes for children in Wales. Rant over!

I think most of us are guilty of watching some form of vlogging or‘reality TV’/ , my guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of Cheshire and Made in Chelsea, although I am fed up of all the arguing and bickering on these programmes recently and do get frustrated that they all waste so much money! The problem I have with these kids vlogs and reality style programmes on You Tube kids, is that the kids themselves encourage the young viewers to subscribe and like their channels, they focus on how important it is to get ‘likes’ and to ‘follow’ – kids shouldn’t need to worry and be obsessed about things like that at the age of 5!

Many of the kids on these shows are so ‘made up’ and focus on body image and how important it is to look ‘perfect’ aka skinny, skimpy tops, fake tans etc …at the age of 6/7! They don’t get the odd treat and the pound a week pocket money, they get I Phone 10’s and Gucci handbags for doing well at school!

They aren’t all bad, I know that part of this is me showing my age! But I feel like kids are already under so much stress and pressure these days. If our daughters’ on screen ‘heroes’ are the real life ‘Barbie and Cindy Dolls’ then it does make me feel worried, kids should be allowed to be kids and not mini adults.

I force myself to watch most of the programmes with her or sit near her as I’m always worried about online safety, it’s one of my main concerns as a parent. I guess that watching slime for half an hour or watching an American child shopping in Gucci for half an hour is better than letting my daughter film herself and upload it on to apps like Tik Tok – have you seen the warnings about Tik Tok being a magnet for paedophiles?

Role on summer so we can get these kids back outside on the trampolines and in the sea…and away from the crap on YouTube and the scary online world.

Mam Cymru.

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