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I’m Sarah a Mum of three. 2020 was meant to be a special year for us as a family, but like all of us, our plans and dreams have been turned upside down over the last few weeks.

Last year we applied to Make a Wish to have a wish come true for our son Oliver, who has special needs. We were ecstatic to find out we’d been granted a trip to Florida to stay at an accessible, inclusive, wish village called Give Kids the World. We also have tickets to the Disney and Universal included. It is a once in a lifetime trip for our family as we’d never be able to do this without the help of Make A Wish who plan, book and arrange the whole thing with some input from us as to what we’d need.

Oliver has severe cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. He is tall for his age and is becoming more difficult to manage as he gets bigger. A few years ago we took him and his brother and sister to Thomasland and physically carried him onto every ride we could safely support him on. He loved it – he’s a bit of a thrill seeker at heart I think!

The theme parks in Florida have a lot more wheelchair accessible rides compared to the theme parks in the UK and we want to be able to give him that experience again before he gets too big for us to carry him onto the rides that aren’t wheelchair accessible.

We were due to fly in June but Covid 19 has meant that that can no longer happen. We will have to wait and see what happens once things start opening up again. The reality is that we’re one of the lucky ones, Oliver can wait for his trip, or any other wish that might be granted in the future if Florida is no longer an option. That’s not the case for all the children who have wishes waiting.

For those who don’t know about Make a Wish, it’s an amazing charity that helps make wishes come true for children and families with life limiting conditions and additional needs. Like most charities right now, they are facing hard times, according to the website they set to lose around £2.7 million in this financial year, which means that so many children won’t have their precious wishes. That makes me so sad.

I wanted to use Mam Cymru as a platform to help raise awareness of the importance of charities like this who are vital and mean so much to families like ours. There’s very little help out there for us and I want to do as much as I can to ensure that charities like this survive.

Make A Wish UK are asking for help to try and make the 2000 wishes waiting happen in the future.

They are asking people to donate to help make up the shortfall that they will face this year due to the reduction in fundraising activities due to Covid 19. I know many of us are struggling right now and it’s not easy, but if you can donate or can help to raise awareness and share this, please do. Go to for more information.

Sarah Nelson

A massive thank-you to Sarah for sharing her story with our Mam Cymru readers and for raising awareness of the amazing work done by this charity. Please do support if you can and on behalf of Mam Cymru and our readers I truly hope Oliver’s wish will come true very soon, and all the other beautiful children on that waiting list too X



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