Welcome to Mam Cymru!

“As a new mum, I felt that there was a shortage of Welsh language content online by Mums, as well as content that gave a Welsh perspective. I went about creating the first Welsh ‘Mummy blog’, and the response was excellent! This proved that more Welsh and Welsh language content was needed for Mums and families, a magazine where every Mum in Wales is represented. So here it is – Mam Cymru, and it’s bilingual to allow us to communicate with every Mum in our bilingual country and beyond!”

Heulwen Davies, June 2017.

The Magazine and How it Works?

Mam Cymru is a voluntary and independent venture, launched live on S4C in June 2017. It is the ‘baby’ of Heulwen Davies and she is grateful to her friend Ashleigh Edwards for helping her develop the initial content and to her mates Nicky and Lara Roberts for their continued support with the digital elements.

Heulwen works mostly in her spare time between family life and work! Juggling like every mum! Heulwen develops the content but anyone is VERY welcome to contribute an article or offer an idea. She is eager for the magazine to reflect the life and experiences of all Mums in Wales, and also celebrates and raises the confidence of Mums – she wants to ensure that readers feel the #MamPower. Never written an article? Can’t write bilingually? Where to start?! Heulwen can help! Get in touch any time on mam@mamcymru.wales.

An Information Platform for Families in Wales and Beyond!

“2,000 individual readers read every article on Mam Cymru and over 60,000 individual readers have visited Mam Cymru in its first two years, including international readers every day!”

Mam Cymru has grown to be a powerful platform to share information and promote goods and services for families in Wales and beyond, and Heulwen welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with individuals, businesses, agencies and charities who want to share information with the readers. Thanks to a Welsh Books Council magazine grant, Mam Cymru received £5,000 in 2019 to help Heulwen employ a freelance editor to help with the content and also employ digital expertise to develop the magazine content. Consequently, in September 2019, Mam Cymru is being launched in its new and improved guise with sections on information for families about where to stay, eat and enjoy time with the children… and without the children! (It’s important to remember to make time for ourselves isn’t it?!)

If you have accommodation, a restaurant or an attraction that are suitable for families or couples, or if you would like to share information about your campaign, goods or services for families in Wales, e-mail mam@mamcymru.wales to discuss our terms.

Who is Heulwen?

“I wear many hats, but the most important hat is as Mum to my amazing and inspirational daughter, Elsi Dyfi. She is my world and teaches me so many new things every day!”

Heulwen lives in mid Wales and is Mum to Elsi and wife to Gareth, and they raise Elsi bilingually. Heulwen has pursued a varied career from travelling the world working as a Television Producer and Director to establishing a clothes shop to developing a successful career in marketing and communication. She is also an author, publishing ‘Mam, Croeso i’r Clwb’ in 2018, which gives advice to new Mums. She was nominated for a Womenspire award in 2018 for her work with Mam Cymru. She loves travelling, enjoys the arts and shopping for vintage clothes and jewellery … and enjoys her #GinShed in the garden!


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